1. Dave Blake's Avatar
    I am working on a Machine it was manufactured in Spain when I turned it on this is what I saw.

    Yup that says "Windows Embedded POS Ready"... lol... :P

    05-18-2011 08:08 PM
  2. cdook's Avatar
    POS? Does that stand for what I think it does?
    05-18-2011 10:28 PM
  3. Dave Blake's Avatar
    POS? Does that stand for what I think it does?
    I'm not sure what its supposed to be but piece of **** is what I always thought it was.
    05-18-2011 10:40 PM
  4. Duvi's Avatar

    point of service if memory serves correct.
    05-19-2011 12:15 AM
  5. Averry's Avatar
    Point of Sales springs to my mind, but I might be wrong.

    What's funny, is we have an Alternator/Starter tester at work....and it seriously runs of Windows XP, to my knowledge, not even embedded (btw, is Embedded SOC?)...but yeah....seems like a sloppy way to do things.
    05-19-2011 12:42 AM
  6. jimski's Avatar
    Just checked my app, Acronym Box and found a few that may be relevant:
    -Primary Operating System
    -Point of Service
    -Persistent Objective Service

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    05-19-2011 01:30 AM
  7. jalb's Avatar
    Is it a cash register? I have seen those referred to as POS before.
    05-19-2011 08:29 AM
  8. Michael-Dallas's Avatar
    Oh geez, thanks for the morning chuckle.

    I work at a female-oriented company and one of our production Oracle db servers is named PORN01. It follows our server naming convention (P=Production, OR=Oracle, N01=Node 1). An email went out earlier this week that we were decommissioning our "PORN" server, LOL.

    05-19-2011 10:38 AM
  9. Duvi's Avatar
    Lmfao Mkchael. That had to be on purpose because they could have easily called it PON. lol.

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    05-19-2011 12:22 PM
  10. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Lmao good stuff... :D
    05-19-2011 10:35 PM