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    Rich C here, Mod from CrackBerry. Last year Android Central member Tony Bag of Donuts and I started a fantasy NHL league of CBers and ACers. This year I would like to invite the WHOLE Mobile Nation to join us. I have just sent Tony a reminder to restart the league, BUT if he does not do so I will, IF there is sufficient interest. Last year we had 4 divisions and 16 teams!

    Rich C. (PKcable)

    08-30-2011 10:46 AM
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    Ok here is the league info! Tony started it up again.....


    If that URL does not work use this one and join under accept invite

    Join page

    league id 18845

    Password MB30
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    We need 3 more teams to make the league complete! Tell your friends your neighbors etc! We are ALMOST there! The WPCentral Division needs 2 of the 3 teams, so represent! Come on out and join our Mobile Nations Fantasy league!

    1 TEAM!!!!!! We need 1 more team to complete the league in the WPCentral Division!
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    I signed into the league. My team is the Habinators. ;-) Hope I made the cut.
    09-19-2011 08:26 AM