11-02-2017 11:37 PM
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  1. thzman's Avatar
    Banned for banning the previous poster when everyone already knows that the answer is "42".

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    08-20-2013 08:27 AM
  2. sinime's Avatar
    Banned, although that may be the answer, it doesn't answer the question at hand
    08-20-2013 08:45 AM
  3. kg4icg's Avatar
    Banned for not seeing the movie hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy.
    08-20-2013 08:46 AM
  4. sinime's Avatar
    Banned for thinking I haven't, and thanks for the fish.
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    08-20-2013 09:01 AM
  5. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned for not eating at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe
    08-20-2013 09:04 AM
  6. mpt15's Avatar
    Banned for expecting a hungry person to travel so far for food.
    08-20-2013 09:08 AM
  7. Doohickie's Avatar
    Banned for confusing space with time.
    08-20-2013 09:29 AM
  8. kg4icg's Avatar
    Banned for not realizing that space and time are correlated.
    08-20-2013 09:30 AM
  9. sinime's Avatar
    Banned for not realizing that money is in the mix too, since time is money... So it's space, time & money
    08-20-2013 09:45 AM
  10. Doohickie's Avatar
    Banned for not including fear and surprise.
    08-20-2013 10:03 AM
  11. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned for thinking this is the Spanish Inquisition. No one suspects the Spanish Inquisition.
    08-20-2013 11:02 AM
  12. Doohickie's Avatar
    Banned for expecting the Spanish Inquisition. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
    08-20-2013 11:26 AM
  13. MrTofu's Avatar
    Banned for not issuing me a license for my pet fish.
    08-20-2013 11:30 AM
  14. Doohickie's Avatar
    Banned because if one owns an halibut, one does not need a license for said halibut, even if its name is Eric.
    08-20-2013 11:52 AM
  15. Bee Mon's Avatar
    Banned because even the Babel fish stuck in my ear could not translate what you are saying.
    08-20-2013 12:34 PM
  16. MrTofu's Avatar
    Banned for la dee dee, one two three, Eric the half a bee.
    08-20-2013 12:46 PM
  17. sinime's Avatar
    Banned... cause he's wearing a Game Blouse...

    08-20-2013 02:53 PM
  18. Bee Mon's Avatar
    Banned for a bad imitation of Prince.

    "I am not amused"
    08-20-2013 02:58 PM
  19. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned for posting a picture of 'zombie' Prince
    08-20-2013 03:24 PM
  20. sinime's Avatar
    Banned, cause the "bad imitation" I posted of the artist known as Prince, formerly known as the "artist formerly known as Prince", is going to be the image for the new single by Prince, the artist formerly known as the "artist formerly known as Prince".....

    Prince's Dave Chapelle artwork won the Internet today
    08-20-2013 03:31 PM
  21. Bee Mon's Avatar
    Banned because I don't know who you formerly was known as but you're still a bad imitation of your dog.
    Last edited by Bee Mon; 08-20-2013 at 05:50 PM.
    08-20-2013 03:42 PM
  22. snowmutt's Avatar
    As sinime's dog marks the territory.... You are completely banned from it all.
    08-20-2013 06:28 PM
  23. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned all dogs must wear LEADS!!!
    08-20-2013 06:54 PM
  24. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Banned. My mom's iPhone hurt me.

    (iPhonecut, anyone?)
    08-20-2013 07:32 PM
  25. snowmutt's Avatar
    Next "After School Special": "Stopping the mean, mean iPhone".

    Banned for not standing up to the smart phone playground bully.
    08-20-2013 10:13 PM
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