11-03-2017 12:37 AM
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  1. mpt15's Avatar
    Banned for attempting to understand what analysts attempt to do.
    08-25-2013 08:54 AM
  2. raycpl's Avatar
    Banned... (walks away in self-analysis....)
    08-25-2013 10:42 AM
  3. Bee Mon's Avatar
    Banned for walking away from the scene of the crime. The crime being banning others for your own personal issues.
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    08-25-2013 11:18 AM
  4. thzman's Avatar
    Banned for not letting people have issues.
    08-25-2013 11:52 AM
  5. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Banned. I heard a rumor that Nokia is going to release a Windows RT Tablet running a 4-core Qualcomm processor, has a 44 MP camera, 44/444 GB internal storage, 4 GB RAM, and a 10.4" AMOLED screen.

    The device is to be called the Nokia Lumia 404.
    08-25-2013 12:08 PM
  6. mpt15's Avatar
    Banned for spreading FUD
    08-25-2013 12:16 PM
  7. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Banned. You have four rows of tiles on your start screen.

    The number four is banned from Nokia.
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    08-25-2013 12:23 PM
  8. mpt15's Avatar
    Banned. That's the way Microsoft made it.
    08-25-2013 12:36 PM
  9. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Banned. On WP7.8 and on WP8, you can only have a maximum of 3.65 tiles on a screen at one time.

    Don't fight. Update.
    08-25-2013 12:39 PM
  10. snowmutt's Avatar
    Way too confusing, convoluted, and calculating.

    Banned for the three "C"s hurting my brain.
    08-25-2013 04:06 PM
  11. Bee Mon's Avatar
    Banned for not appreciating the letter 'C' when its clear, civil and caring.
    08-25-2013 05:19 PM
  12. Davey123's Avatar
    Banned for spreading BS.
    08-25-2013 07:29 PM
  13. sinime's Avatar
    Banned for not disposing of the BS in a diaper genie
    08-25-2013 07:52 PM
  14. AndrewakaMJ's Avatar
    Banned for reminding me I need to get a new diaper genie for my next baby.
    08-25-2013 08:19 PM
  15. despertador's Avatar
    The device is to be called the Nokia Lumia 404.
    Banned for my browser couldn't find the webpage you were talking about.
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    08-25-2013 08:48 PM
  16. BIGPADDY's Avatar

    If I wasn't clear YOUR BANNED!
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    08-25-2013 09:11 PM
  17. despertador's Avatar
    Banned because I'm not banned because I posted in the 5000 post challenge! (long time ago)
    08-25-2013 09:16 PM
  18. mase123987's Avatar
    Banned for falling into BigPaddy's trap. That thread is just his personal post count steroid.
    08-25-2013 09:21 PM
  19. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned you get it pump straight into your head like cake!!!
    08-25-2013 09:23 PM
  20. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Banned for being a BigPaddy and eating top much cake.
    08-25-2013 09:28 PM
  21. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned I also break chairs while going crazy to GET HYPER!!!
    08-25-2013 09:29 PM
  22. despertador's Avatar
    Banned for uncontrollable, unhealthy obsession with cake.
    08-25-2013 09:55 PM
  23. raycpl's Avatar
    Banned... cos banned posters gets HYPER on Mondays
    08-25-2013 09:56 PM
  24. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned I can get HYPER any day!
    mpt15 likes this.
    08-25-2013 10:08 PM
  25. mpt15's Avatar
    Banned you can also be HYPER all day, everyday about CAKE
    08-25-2013 11:59 PM
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