11-03-2017 12:37 AM
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  1. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Banned! At least I'm useful when the lights go out! Ok...that sounded different in my head...
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    01-28-2014 02:12 AM
  2. greedypnguin's Avatar
    Gahhh more animals. Banned
    01-28-2014 02:51 AM
  3. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Says the penguin....banned!
    01-28-2014 02:58 AM
  4. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned for banning the penguin, even if it's greedy.
    01-28-2014 02:58 AM
  5. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Banned! Greenpeace called, they want their love for animal back :-P
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    01-28-2014 04:37 AM
  6. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned because meat is murder! Tasty, delicious murder...
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    01-28-2014 04:42 AM
  7. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Banned for making me throw my lunch plans overboard and treating myself for a nice piece of thick, tasty meat!
    01-28-2014 05:24 AM
  8. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned glad I could help. :)
    01-28-2014 05:40 AM
  9. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    Banned for being nice
    01-28-2014 08:34 AM
  10. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned for not being nice. You big meanie. :P
    01-28-2014 08:56 AM
  11. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    Banned because you don't know that.
    01-28-2014 10:13 AM
  12. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned because you're right. I was just assuming, even though I know that when you assume, you make an *** out of U and ME.
    01-28-2014 10:17 AM
  13. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    Banned for using vulgar words
    01-28-2014 10:24 AM
  14. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned because I can be a lot worse, I don't think using the correct term for a donkey is all that vulgar. :P
    01-28-2014 10:34 AM
  15. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Banned for using synonyms that sound dirty! Go wash your mouth with a cake of soap (nope, no liquid soap for you)!
    01-28-2014 10:45 AM
  16. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned for wanting me to poison myself. Shame on you.
    01-28-2014 10:49 AM
  17. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    Banned because you dropped the soap
    01-28-2014 11:17 AM
  18. greedypnguin's Avatar
    Banned because you dropped the bass. Ill walk myself out
    N_LaRUE likes this.
    01-28-2014 11:20 AM
  19. Gaurav Paul's Avatar
    Banned for not using any punctuation. Its I'll by the way.
    01-28-2014 11:31 AM
  20. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned for totally messing up the last sentence.
    01-28-2014 11:41 AM
  21. raycpl's Avatar
    .. and you are hereby sentenced to be banned for seeking out apostrophe malfunction !!
    01-28-2014 12:22 PM
  22. snowmutt's Avatar
    Some people will ban for anything.

    Banned. For banning for anything. Which makes my ban for something. HA!!
    01-28-2014 02:08 PM
  23. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned for something, because there was nothing else.
    01-28-2014 03:16 PM
  24. greedypnguin's Avatar
    Banned for exiling me from the post challenge thread xD
    01-28-2014 04:26 PM
  25. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned you misspelt penguin in your username, I like penguins!!!
    01-28-2014 05:59 PM
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