11-02-2017 11:37 PM
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  1. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Who said a poem had to rhyme?

    Banned for not understanding literature better.
    07-29-2014 02:35 AM
  2. Dave Bhullar's Avatar
    All of you are banned for discussing poems.
    07-29-2014 02:54 AM
  3. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    There's nothing wrong with poems. They can be fun, even witty.

    Banned your lack of culture. :P
    07-29-2014 03:02 AM
  4. raycpl's Avatar
    There once was a poster said it was a crime
    If he saw a poem that didn't rhyme
    But no one gave a damn
    And I believe he got BANNED
    07-29-2014 07:25 AM
  5. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    How dare you,
    That does not rhyme?
    Then you must be out of your mind.
    07-29-2014 10:00 AM
  6. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    How????!!! How does that rhyme??!!

    And banned for forgetting to ban!
    07-29-2014 11:06 AM
  7. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    Banned for not seeing the rhyme. Seriously, are you high? Also banned for drug use!
    07-29-2014 01:31 PM
  8. anon(8151408)'s Avatar
    Banned because quack.
    07-29-2014 02:55 PM
  9. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    Banned, you are not a duck, but evil humanoid who secretly plans to kill the whole mankind
    07-29-2014 03:55 PM
  10. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    Banned for planning.
    07-29-2014 04:07 PM
  11. Dave Bhullar's Avatar
    Banned banned banned
    banned banned banned
    banned banned banned.
    There's my poem. It rhymes too
    07-29-2014 10:39 PM
  12. anon8649069's Avatar
    BANNED for writing poor poem.
    07-29-2014 10:43 PM
  13. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    Banned for not writing a better poem.
    07-30-2014 04:26 AM
  14. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned because I can't believe we're still discussing poems!
    07-30-2014 06:05 AM
  15. 123gettothechopper's Avatar
    Banned because you pointed that out and now we're bored!
    (My poem)
    07-30-2014 10:22 AM
  16. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    That's not a poem! This is a poem - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (text of 1834) by Samuel Taylor Coleridge : The Poetry Foundation

    Banned for not knowing the difference.
    07-30-2014 10:28 AM
  17. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    If he says its a poem, its a poem!

    That was my poem and this note is a part of the poem.
    07-30-2014 11:36 AM
  18. Talk4Lig's Avatar
    Yo dog I heard you like poems, so I put poem in your poem so you can read poem while reading a poem. Uhm, almost forgot, BANNED!
    07-30-2014 12:04 PM
  19. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    If you mess with the BANNER you get BANNED!!!!!
    07-30-2014 12:31 PM
  20. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned by a banner... Wait a second ...
    07-31-2014 01:11 AM
  21. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    07-31-2014 07:38 AM
  22. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    This is the thread of the Banned.

    You are one of them. :P
    07-31-2014 11:13 AM
  23. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    Oh, banned.
    07-31-2014 11:25 AM
  24. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    Oh look, you're banned too!
    That's called poetic justice.
    07-31-2014 01:05 PM
  25. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    No no no no... not the poet again!

    You are BANNED!
    07-31-2014 04:17 PM
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