11-02-2017 11:37 PM
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  1. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Banned because power != money.

    Perfect EVs and IVs for a Magikarp!
    07-13-2013 08:10 PM
  2. despertador's Avatar
    Banned because there is no free information in here! Google and Bing are highly illegal. No more learning things on the internet for you.

    PS: I bribed the BIGPADDY care team because they offered me the sandwich.
    BIGPADDY likes this.
    07-13-2013 08:42 PM
  3. sinime's Avatar
    Banned for taking the BIGPADDY sandwich.... No one should be forced to take that
    BIGPADDY likes this.
    07-13-2013 11:13 PM
  4. despertador's Avatar
    Banned because the BIGPADDY sandwich was pretty good. I want a second, if you don't mind.
    07-13-2013 11:52 PM
  5. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned I want that SANDWICH!
    07-14-2013 06:12 AM
  6. Muessig's Avatar
    Banned because I'm having a BBQ soon and also because its too hot.
    07-14-2013 06:20 AM
  7. LMZR's Avatar
    Banned for saying it's too hot to have a BBQ
    07-14-2013 06:20 AM
  8. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned because I would love a burger, sausage and beer!
    07-14-2013 07:27 AM
  9. LMZR's Avatar
    Banned for making me have an urge to buy a Burger.
    07-14-2013 07:29 AM
  10. despertador's Avatar
    Banned because the BIGPADDY sandwich is on a sale. Get some of those man!
    MrTofu likes this.
    07-14-2013 07:59 AM
  11. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Banned because BIGPADDY is making me eat the sandwiches when all I want is the BEER!
    07-14-2013 08:30 AM
  12. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned no one touches my carling zeiss and lived!
    07-14-2013 09:36 AM
  13. despertador's Avatar
    Banned; that made no sense at all.
    07-14-2013 09:41 AM
  14. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned for not understanding that carling is a beer.
    07-14-2013 09:45 AM
  15. despertador's Avatar
    Banned because I'm thirsty.
    07-14-2013 12:53 PM
  16. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned have a carling.
    07-14-2013 01:04 PM
  17. despertador's Avatar
    Banned, but thanks.
    07-14-2013 01:11 PM
  18. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Banned have another.
    07-14-2013 01:37 PM
  19. sinime's Avatar
    Banned for not offering me a Carling
    07-14-2013 05:27 PM
  20. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Banned for not offering a cake.
    07-14-2013 05:29 PM
  21. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Banned for reopening the CAKE discussion for the Nth time in this thread...seriously, eat the cake and move on...
    07-14-2013 07:38 PM
  22. Davey123's Avatar
    Banned because the cake cannot be eaten because it is made of shaving cream. It can, however, be shoved in your.😊
    07-14-2013 08:58 PM
  23. despertador's Avatar
    Banned because I somehow ate the cake.
    07-14-2013 10:11 PM
  24. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Banned because you forgot the coffee to go with the cake
    07-15-2013 06:55 AM
  25. edoug's Avatar
    Banned, because I don't have either and I NEED them both right now.
    07-15-2013 07:08 AM
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