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    For those of you in the states, who's finding this midnight Black Friday store opening crazy?

    It use to be 4am and 5am store openings on Black Friday, and that was cool. If you wanted a great bargain just get there early.

    Now store are opening at midnight, in fact I just read that Walmart is opening on Thanksgiving day now.

    Now employees are getting pissed off. I see Target and now Best Buy employees are starting a petition to stop it: Best Buy employee latest to protest midnight Black Friday opening | StarTribune.com

    I think businesses need to stop this insanity and all agree to go back to 4am/5am openings.
    11-17-2011 12:17 PM
  2. Wiccan Lagar's Avatar
    I think we here in the states are way too wrapped up in the idea of a sale. Midnight basically means that you are probably kicking people out on thanksgiving just so you can hop in the minivan to go out and shop. A classic case of the holidays being celebrated for the wrong reason.

    What Bestbuy ad target workers should do, My opinion? Just not show up to work. Imagine if no one goes? Who will run the place? The executives are probably home with their families. They wouldn't know none the wiser.
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    11-17-2011 01:32 PM