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    Finally an awesome commercial that shows off the phones broad capability, and demonstrates to people that WP7 software is state of the art!

    Sorry, now that I have your attention, I am sorry to say that my discussion not about the ďBest Ever Windows Phone 7 Commercial!ĒÖit about why isnít there one?

    Before I get started my only motive for constructive criticism is because I am a WP7 Developer and I want a larger market for more app downloads. Thatís it.

    The Windows Phone 7 operating system is great. The interface layout is beautiful and the feature performance is exceptional. Compared with iOS and Android; Live tiles are better than icons in every regard. Panoramic app layouts are innovative and more attractive than static forms. The deep contrasting theme colors and backgrounds are aesthetically pleasing and much better than messy wallpaper and icons. And finally mobile XBOX games are awesome, enough said.

    Simply put, WP7 operating system is not the problem for such a small market share.

    The issue is lack of Effective Advertising and Product Placement and Reputation.

    How to Fix Effective Advertising; Make commercials that show what the phone can do. WP7 is classified as a smartphone but the commercials do not focus on broad capability. The commercials should not be funny, or witty, or cute. They just need to be informative. Microsoft needs to make WP7 software commercials, and the manufactures need to make WP7 product commercials.

    How to Fix Product Placement; Phone distribution centers should have dedicated displays for Windows Phones. There should be product handouts, promotions, and working phone demos. Sorry to say I was at Best Buy last week and the sales rep didnít even know Samsung released a new Windows Phone. It was in the back corner of the display among other non-smartphone models (ouch).

    How to Fix Reputation; first fix Effective Advertising and Product Placement, then reputation will follow if you have good software.

    MDR Apps.
    11-19-2011 04:51 PM
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    Booooo!!! Hiss!!!
    11-19-2011 09:33 PM
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    I feel trolled...
    11-19-2011 09:39 PM
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    You can build expensive displays but it's up to retailers to locate them properly and use them effectively. If upper management is not sold on WP then it won't happen. The tide is turning and one morning all one of these CEOs will see and hear is this and that about Windows Phone, Then he will ask why they are not pushing the platform and everything after that will be all downhill. Big business moves extremely slow. Patience my friend, patience.

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    11-19-2011 10:14 PM
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    I just posted in another thread about my feelings toward Microsoft and the Smartphones in general. They've only just recently begun any kind of serious advertising. Prior to that it was only half-hearted at best and even this time around I don't think it's only slightly better.

    I know it's a new OS and just like iOS and Droid before it, they started small and not very functional and eventually became what they are now. I would have thought that Microsoft, having come through the Mobil OS market from so many years back, finally taking on and overrunning Palm that, when they did release this new OS, would have placed more polish and functionality on it instead of waiting the better part of a year to finally get NoDo and Mango out. With all their resources and experience in the market, it leaves me scratching my head and asking Why?

    I know nothing about advertising and product development but I hope that there is really a grand plan in place and it is going well for them. I really want to see this OS break out and become something like the older WinMo was. I'm different though from what seems to be the target audience. I use my phone for reference when at work in the medical field. I'm really not interested in what my friends Tweet or racking up FaceBook friends. Heck, I can't even play Farmville on the phone because it doesn't support Java. Not that I ever played it but my Wife does....

    Anyway. Come on Microsoft. Get the word out there and let people know you have the better OS. You did it with the PC, now do it with the Phone. Research is showing that more people are beginning to use the phones more than the desktop/laptop. You need to start gaining in the area before you start loosing in the other.

    Or, I could be totally wrong.
    11-20-2011 12:41 PM

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