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    A lot of sites do it. Whether it be for a video review of a device, or a look at software, they will have their digital camera on a short stand and it allows for both hands to be free to handle the phone.

    I want to start doing something similar, but I don't currently own a great camera. I did some test videos with a web cam that I have, but being only standard def, it was understandably bad. Would upgrading to a decent 720p webcam solve my problems? Or would I have to get a digital camera? I'd rather not spend more than $100 for what I'm looking to do.

    My problem right now is that screen gets whited out. In order for the camera to pick up the screen it needs to be super close (pretty much needing to fill the entire frame from top to bottom). I've tried multiple lighting setups and none really helped.

    I'm not looking to do professional level stuff, just... yah know, visible stuff.
    11-27-2011 10:42 AM