1. Judge_Daniel's Avatar
    I feel like this is tangent to Windows Phone, since we have to use Zune to sync our phones. So here's my two cents.

    In Windows 8, I would really enjoy only having one music and video hub. I believe this could be one place where Windows could receive attributes of Windows Phone. Instead of having Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, and Zune, there should be one music player to rule them all! (You see what I did there?) Since they are starting from scratch, anyway, why can't they consolidate their media programs? I feel like Media Player is good for basic tasks with more file types supported, Center is more like the XBox on your computer (different apps, good for videos), and Zune is beautiful and is required to sync our phones. Would it really be that hard to make them into one app?

    What do you think?
    01-14-2012 04:13 AM