1. jabtano's Avatar
    I'm thinking of getting a meet up started in the Boston MA area. if we have enough people who would like to meet up the Microsoft research and development center in Cambridge MA around the block from MIT would be a great place for the meet up because of the tours that they do there. If folks are interested I'll give them a call and see if we could arrange something at the R/D center. So just leave a post in this thread in a weeks time if we have people interested I'll give them a call and see what we can arrange.
    04-02-2012 09:02 AM
  2. BrandonMills's Avatar
    Ok so this is weird but I'm currently a Blackberry user, but I'm all over Windows Phone, so I'd be very interested in the meet up.

    Main reason I haven't switched yet is because it's a work phone and we use Verizon for our phones, so the only real option I have currently is a Trophy. I figure I'm going to wait until *something* better than the Trophy comes along before making the switch.

    So I'd be interested in the meet up! Put me on that list.
    04-11-2012 09:53 AM
  3. en0x#AC's Avatar
    I would like to attend a meetup in boston :)
    04-11-2012 10:03 AM
  4. SuperGrafx's Avatar
    Count me in
    04-14-2012 10:55 PM
  5. WinPhan7's Avatar
    I wanted to offer a WinPhan hand to you in helping you to get a WP meetup together! WinPhan is a WP enthusiast group interested in helping spread and share the WP love! Shoot me an email! winphan7@live.com

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    04-16-2012 01:05 PM
  6. ejb222's Avatar
    I'd be interested.
    05-02-2012 10:53 AM
  7. gibbyhome's Avatar
    count me in
    05-09-2012 06:11 AM
  8. DaltonCarl's Avatar
    Sucks didn't see this earlier. Now we could do a meet up at the microsoft store :p
    08-26-2012 08:16 PM