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    A little caffeine, a little too much time, and an article on how I'd train Batman....

    INTEGRATE Fitness 411: If I Trained Batman!

    "Alright, its no secret that I'm a HUGE Dark Knight fan. At my house, Batman is referred to as "The Dude" because he just pretty much kicks some serious ***. Filthy rich, matinee idol good looks (this is where we have common ground), intellectually elite (another common ground), martial arts guru and he's been on other planets (not common ground we share).

    While its widely known how awesome he is, it isn't too well known how he'd have to train to acquire all of the skills, strength and power that he has. Well, fear not faithful citizens, I'm going to share what I would do if Bruce Wayne came to the hallowed halls of INTEGRATE Performance Fitness looking to get stronger."
    04-11-2012 06:17 PM