1. azedi's Avatar
    I have my eye on the Lumia 900 and looking to add a line to my family plan but there are so many stores to buy it from. What I don't understand is Why do I get charged an extra $50, in this case, from Amazon in Oder to add a line. Is there some extra fees that is applied?

    Also how come AT&T doesn't have stock but amazon does :(
    04-14-2012 12:41 AM
  2. SolunaKitty's Avatar
    AT&T sent the phones back to get the software fix before selling them again.

    The pros of using Amazon Wireless: no tax on the device, typically lower price
    The cons of using Amazon Wireless: additional cancellation fee if you cancel, and apparently that $50 add-a-line fee?

    Other places that may sell them are: Costco, Target, Walmart. However, it was noted in another thread that the Costco in his/her area sent them back as well.

    In any case, read the news section to see if you qualify for the $100 refund.
    04-14-2012 06:55 PM
  3. dawm123's Avatar
    Generally speaking, the online store and physical store prices may be is not the same, the online store will be cheaper.But Amazon may be a little more expensive.You go to the store to look at, and then to the online store of similar smalltao.com such store to see, compare prices, then action is recommended.
    05-25-2012 01:11 AM
  4. winphnjunkie's Avatar
    I've always heard that buying a phone from Best Buy is the way to go if you are in the US.
    05-26-2012 07:00 AM