1. lovenokia's Avatar
    I had an account with the verge and commented on their website but because i said something that was agaisnt iphone in their posts, they banned me it wasnt even trolling and i made a second account and they banned that one too. I have seen some very trollish things from theverge lately, such as their retarted article of bs. I think we stop going on theverge or better yet, install adblocker and make it work on theverge only.
    04-19-2012 09:47 PM
  2. freestaterocker's Avatar
    04-19-2012 09:48 PM
  3. eastbayrae's Avatar
    If you don't look at the mobile related articles that site is pretty informative. Overall they want to see WP, and Microsoft in general, fail.
    04-20-2012 12:27 AM
  4. Kredrian's Avatar
    Thats typical of that website.
    04-27-2012 07:54 PM