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    Even though we get off on fanboy rants/tangents on this site, WPCentral forum members are some of most solid cyber humans around. With that said, someone needs some help.

    I got to talk on the phone to RAAM participant Joan Grant Dietchman during one of her rest stops tonight. It was pretty damn emotional as the enormity of what shes doing hit me as we talked. She's ridden her bike over 2500 miles in 9 days, and is almost to the end.

    Right now she's cooked, and facing all kinds of crazy fatigue induced demons. The two wheeled warrior sounded tired as we spoke, but determined.

    So PLEASE, head over to her facebook page, like it, then post some positive vibes!! She gets all of the messages read to her, and I'm told they help a ton!

    06-23-2012 01:44 AM