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    So I went to MacDonald's with my friend(which is a girl). We went to the counter and the person said "My I help you?". WE did the lama dance with 10 people behind us. the person said "Hello?" We stopped and then........we just kept carrying on for five minutes with everyone complaining until we got kick out my the boss of MacDonald's. :D.

    WE also went to the movies with my friend. and before the movie started we kept throwing popcorn at people for the last 20 minutes. we also took photos of the people yelling at us. we also threw a whole popcorn bag at a couple who was ......you know ;). Funny as day YAY!. If you think someone threw popcorn at you. It was not me. I swear. I'm a NZder and I moved from LA one year ago. :D
    06-26-2012 04:40 AM