1. based_graham's Avatar
    Windows 8 = Shaq
    Windows Phone 8 = Kobe

    Windows dynasty on the rise :)
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    07-04-2012 11:28 PM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    I'd rather have Jordan and Pippen
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    07-04-2012 11:30 PM
  3. based_graham's Avatar
    I'd rather have Jordan and Pippen
    Sorry to say that's like the MAC

    Jordan = iPhone
    Pippen = iPad
    Rodman = OSX

    But hey the Bulls dynasty was before the Lakers right ;)

    And the kicker is this dynasty isn't falling apart!
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    07-04-2012 11:43 PM
  4. Mr_pither's Avatar
    Xbox 8 = ???
    07-04-2012 11:53 PM
  5. based_graham's Avatar
    Xbox 8 = ???
    Xbox 8 and other Windows services Office, Bing, Skype are all the necessary role players that makes dynasty teams :)
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    07-04-2012 11:56 PM
  6. cedarlog's Avatar
    i have no idea what you have said but it sound supportive :lol:
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    07-05-2012 04:50 AM
  7. snowmutt's Avatar
    Xbox 8 and other Windows services Office, Bing, Skype are all the necessary role players that makes dynasty teams :)
    No WAY, buddy!!

    XBOX is the flashy "2" guard that gets tons of money and buries the basketball. Everyone knows his name, and he sells tickets.

    "I loves me some ME!!"

    Windows 8 is the point guard, handles everything first, distrubutes the ball as needed, is the coach on the court, and calls all the offense and defense

    "DODGE!! DUCK! DIVE!! DIP!! and... DODGE!"

    MS Office is the grim center, no flash rebounder, shot blocker and pounds the points in the paint. No nonsense, there at practice first every day, hard fouls the other opponet.


    Internet Explorer is the depandable Small Forward. A little flashy, good at everything, no real weakness, sometimes gets lost against the competition (Hey, Google usually kicks his butt, and Firefox can really push him around when he has a bad game.) But still, the team is better with him than without him.

    "No respect!! I get no respect!!"

    Windows Phone 8?? Apollo is the missing piece. That bit of attitiude the team has been missing. The player that does all the dirty work that doesn't show up in the stats. Underated, and under paid, but ready to walk out on that court and beat his more well know opponets to the loose balls and second chance points. A triple double every night.

    "Good Ash... Bad Ash... I am the one with the gun!!"

    Bing? Zune music (changing his name again, like meta world peace and Ocho Cinco)? Skype? There are your good, dependable bench role players....
    07-06-2012 10:52 AM
  8. sinime's Avatar
    "I loves me some ME!!"
    I didn't like windows ME much, but to each his own ;) sorry about that, taking it out of context and all.
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    07-06-2012 11:20 AM