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    Hey all-

    Really don't know where to post this as there is no 'General' or 'Misc' Forum section so I'll put it here.

    In the short time i've been here, I have read some hysterically funny posts and comments. So many in the last few days with all the activity and commenting and debating and loving and hating I thought I would throw one up. Maybe other people will disagree with my funn-o-meter, but this killed me.

    Favorite Comment of the Day: In one of the many Surface discussions....

    "I knew someone would reply with that crap. yes it is an Acer and yes it uses plastic and not vaporwaremagpolydilithium whatever. But you know what, it runs FULL FRICKIN WINDOWS."

    At least we are a passionate bunch. :)
    In my mind, this is what the case of the Surface is now made of, not merely Vapormag.


    10-17-2012 07:56 PM