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    I waited until getting everything confirmed before posting about this because I couldn't believe it was going to happen.
    I called AT&T last week because I was waiting to see the refund for a returned Lumia 920 hit my account. The rep, Jeff, who answered the phone was extremely helpful and apologized for the wait which really wasn't an issue since it was only a day after I was told it would be done. While he was working on getting it processed we talked and I told him about picking one up in the store after that whole missed released date debacle. He mentioned that he could have gotten me a better deal on the handset even though I'm not due for upgrade (I just signed on to AT&T in April when the 900 came out).
    Of course I asked how much better thinking he'd say something like $20 or $50 less. He quoted me $200 for the phone and said he could do 2 so I'd get one for my wife as well. At $400 that's two phones for less than the price of the one I'd already bought. The only thing was, I had to return the one I'd already bought and pay the $35 restocking fee - no big deal. He got the rebate processed and set a commitment to call me back at 5 on the next Thursday (today).
    Promptly at 5, my phone rings and it's Jeff. He verified the rebate did go through then went in to order my new 920s at $200 each. Whatever magic he pulled during the call actually knocked the price down even more - to $50! So, pretty much I got the new phones at the new customer price. I had to renew the contract which was only started in April anyway so no worries there. We got two 920s for $106 with all fees, to include overnight shipping, waived!
    Jeff said his goal was to make sure his customers were happy so they'd stay with AT&T. I can say right now there are 2 happy customers!
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    11-29-2012 04:53 PM
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    Jeff must of heard about that Consumer Reports article.

    Maybe now's the time for everyone to ask for a early upgrade.
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    11-29-2012 04:58 PM
  3. hysonmb's Avatar
    talk about icing the cake. I just looked at my account and there's a $50 credit that will be applied to my next bill! If I ever have to call AT&T again I'm going to hang up and keep trying back until I get Jeff on the phone!
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    11-29-2012 05:11 PM
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    11-30-2012 01:27 AM
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    Man, I called in a while back and the best they'd give me is $350 a piece. I have one line that was in December (penny Titan deal) and one from April (a launch 900). Maybe I'll try again. I'd really like to get the wife one for Christmas to replace the Titan she is less than thrilled with.
    11-30-2012 08:00 PM

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