06-03-2013 07:21 AM
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  1. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    I would go where Nokia goes
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    04-08-2013 06:05 PM
  2. jmshub's Avatar
    I don't like these hypothetical situations. I didn't jump on WP to be contrary to the popularity of iOS/Android. I think, despite the shortcomings of the marketplace, Windows Phone is the superior mobile OS. I just really like how it works. I really don't like iphone or android all that much. They are both such a pain in the ****. A high end device running a Nexus version of Android would be maybe tolerable, but I don't think I'd enjoy it near as much as my Windows Phones.
    04-08-2013 08:42 PM
  3. TonyDedrick's Avatar
    04-08-2013 08:45 PM
  4. anon(5503495)'s Avatar
    04-08-2013 08:50 PM
  5. seniorsitizen's Avatar
    I might go back to android sooner than 4 months.
    04-08-2013 09:14 PM
  6. MDak280's Avatar
    iOS, I really don't like Android.
    04-08-2013 09:16 PM
  7. DeaconFrost1098's Avatar
    BlackBerry 10
    04-08-2013 09:19 PM
  8. Rndomuser's Avatar
    Android or iOS. Probably iOS - it's pretty "intuitive" and has all interesting for me apps (the only thing that matters in mobile world, especially after the novelty of fancy GUI modifications wears off). I've tried new BB phone - it was annoying to try and figure out the whole "swipe this way, then that way, then a little bit more swiping, then draw some doodle with your fingers to make some other menus to pop up" and the other mobile OSes already do everything I need...
    04-08-2013 09:30 PM
  9. tgzgeorge's Avatar
    iOS for me but it has to be jailbroken. My iPhone 5 has got so many tweaks that for me better than an Android, I tell you there's a lot of talented dev/hackers out there than does a better job. They can probably build a new ios better than apple themselves.

    Android, meh bored with it. My nexus 4 is collecting dust.

    BB10, maybe and it has potential but the apps quality and sideloading has got to go. I also have it.

    WP8 and the Lumia 920 has been my regular phone lately but I've had the Lumia since it launched, even bought 3 OEM cases for it just to keep it more interesting. Signed up for Xbox music pass. Am looking forward to more devs building quality apps on this platform.

    04-08-2013 09:31 PM
  10. Rem97's Avatar
    Although there are some great android devices i certainly wouldn't choose android. For me it would have to be ios just because i have an iPad and apple tv.
    05-16-2013 12:26 PM
  11. rahul4aug's Avatar
    i'll buy iOS or choose Nokia Asha, but never Android. its corrupt to its soul. Never use Google products.
    05-16-2013 12:39 PM
  12. HeyCori's Avatar
    In this particular order
    Kin TWOm
    HTC One
    iPhone 5

    P.S. I'm kidding about the Kin.
    05-16-2013 01:14 PM
  13. clbarker10's Avatar
    Interesting question.
    The only mobile OS I have not used is WebOS but I don't think I would prefer that anyways. Every iPhone is essentially the same year after year and visually un-appealing to me so I'd skip that as well. I've loved every Blackberry device I have ever owned but that was then and this is now...I need a more developed OS. Well, I guess that android is the only viable option here for me. The only android phones I didn't like were the budget ones and some mid-ranged ones. I enjoyed all of the high-end android phones that I've owned especially HTC's and Sony's selection. I would say though, that I will never again own a Samsung device. After owning over 12 Samsung devices over the years I can definently say, they are made poorly. I admit that the Galaxy s2 was solid phone but even for a flagship device I expected better. Anything less in a Samsung...FORGET IT.
    05-18-2013 07:01 PM
  14. a5cent's Avatar
    I would personally integrate MS' ecosystem services into Sailfish OS and then use that.
    05-18-2013 07:12 PM
  15. Zokudu's Avatar
    I would follow Nokia if they went to Android or any other OS (Firefox or w.e). If they stop as well, iOS, a quality device is more important to me than an OS.
    05-18-2013 07:35 PM
  16. Jamdot's Avatar
    iOS without a doubt.
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    05-18-2013 07:47 PM
  17. mase123987's Avatar
    Lumia 920
    05-18-2013 07:52 PM
  18. bayotte's Avatar
    HTC One or Blackberry Z10.
    05-18-2013 07:53 PM
  19. kokola95's Avatar
    iOS without a doubt.
    05-18-2013 07:54 PM
  20. malih's Avatar
    I've been with Android 4.2 and iOS 5, and briefly tested BB10 on my friend's phone,
    In conclusion I'd go with iOS.
    05-18-2013 08:42 PM
  21. archersvalley's Avatar
    Android for me!
    05-18-2013 08:46 PM
  22. Roach26's Avatar
    iOS without a doubt. Dropped it for WP8, Android and BB10 is out of the question for me.
    05-18-2013 08:56 PM
  23. abel920's Avatar
    HTC One, or BBZ10.
    05-20-2013 10:28 AM
  24. xandros9's Avatar
    I'm already here from webOS, don't make me go through it again!
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    05-20-2013 04:45 PM
  25. fatclue_98's Avatar
    I'm already here from webOS, don't make me go through it again!
    No s**t! I'm on Symbian waiting for Sailfish or Ubuntu to take off before I commit to a new OS. Sept. 2014 will be here in a blink.
    05-20-2013 05:39 PM
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