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    As the title suggests, and as I've posted before, I'm a fan of many underdogs. Windows Phone, Olympus cameras, MS Surface, Saab and more. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I'm really digging the 2013 Lincoln MKZ - an underdog from a brand perspective given the competition. Recent reviews have been pretty harsh, saying it isn't different enough from the 2013 Fusion it shares a platform with, though I disagree.I stumbled onto it a few months back at the OC Auto Show and was immediately drawn in. Had a chance to do a test drive of a preproduction model and dug it too. Lots of technology in the car, and while not a performance car by any stretch, perfectly capable. For me I'd probably go w/ the 47mpg hybrid engine.Any thoughts/opinions? Just curious.2013 Lincoln MKZ2013-lincoln-mkz_100387080_m.jpg2013_lincoln_mkz.jpg2013-lincoln-mkz-interior.jpg
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    12-13-2012 03:28 PM
  2. Reflexx's Avatar
    I think it's pretty sweet too.
    12-13-2012 03:40 PM
  3. GSOgymrat's Avatar
    I am unfamiliar with that model. Looks sharp.
    12-13-2012 04:05 PM
  4. jdevenberg's Avatar
    The Fusion looks better IMO, though the interior of the Lincoln looks quite comfy, though I haven't looked at the top end Fusion interiors for the new model to compare. I feel like the front end is both boring (headlights, lower bumper/foglights area) and trying to hard (grill, hood) at the same time. Like it doesn't know if it wants to look luxurious or sport, so it tried to do both and as a result failed to be either. And the back end looks entirely too Dodge-ish (new charger, challenger, and dart) for my liking.

    My preferred underdog luxury vehicle is the Cadillac CTS. Plus I love that it comes in a wagon. I like the coupe, but with a baby that would never work and I refuse to buy a sedan as I think it is a type of car that really makes no sense, but that is a whole other nut I won't even begin to crack in this thread.

    That said, I too am a self confessed underdog lover. I used Android until it started really becoming main stream, then I switched to Windows Phone 7 (Pre-NoDo HD7 represent!). I like (bio)diesel as the fuel of the future over electric, like the PS3 better than Xbox 360 (even though I only have an Xbox now as too many of my friends have Xbox and I don't want to have both systems sucking my money), and have never owned a Honda or a Toyota (though that may change simply because I have a 70 mile commute now and need a 40+mpg vehicle).
    12-13-2012 10:17 PM
  5. danbbrantley's Avatar
    Love the back end of that car, not a fan of the front.
    Own an Olympus OM-D, love seeing sales reports about its success (although moreso in Asia than the U.S.)
    Will soon own a Lumia 920
    Want a Hyundai Genesis Coupe and have been rooting for Hyundai since before they were owning everyone in the market (to be fair, it was also after they stopped sucking)

    Being an underdog fan is the way to go
    12-13-2012 10:26 PM
  6. Jastow's Avatar
    If I wasn't in the market for a CUV/SUV, I would have waited for one of these instead of buying the MKX. I definitely like the technology in Fords/Lincolns, but feel they waited too long (Fusions came out in August, when I bought the MKX) to release the MKZ and missed me by 4 months. Too bad they didn't make the gauges digital or partially digital like the MKX; I feel it would have complemented the technology in the vehicle and separated them from their old image of only selling to senior citizens (no offense hopefully).
    12-13-2012 11:06 PM
  7. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    Well Lincoln had those long rear tail lights way before Dodge. So to say it looks like a car that copied it is false.
    12-14-2012 11:25 AM
  8. jdevenberg's Avatar
    Well Lincoln had those long rear tail lights way before Dodge. So to say it looks like a car that copied it is false.
    The word "copied" was never used. Just that they look Dodge-ish to me. It really doesn't matter who came up with something first, its who popularizes it. There were front facing cameras long before the iPhone had that feature, but Apple is who people assosiate with the popularity FFC's with now.
    12-14-2012 01:57 PM

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