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    I came across this on my school e-mail and decided to share it with everyone!

    6 months free amazon prime!, free 2 day fedex, Exclusive deals!

    Just login to your exsisting account and add your school email. You don't even need to make a new account.

    If you are wondering. This does not include instant video / free ebook a month, if you want it you have to pay the 40$. The discounted pricing is 4 years or the graduation date you put in, whichever comes first. If you already have prime they will refund your account the 6 months pricing but you loose instant video.

    If you join student before 30 Jan you also get entered for a chance to win 5000$ and right now there is a contest to win one of 500 Kindle HD's on the student page.

    Amazon Student
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