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  • Baltimore Ravens @

    0 0%
  • Denver Broncos

    3 100.00%
  • Green Bay Packers @

    0 0%
  • San Francisco 49ers

    3 100.00%
  • Seattle Seahawks @

    1 33.33%
  • Atlanta Falcons

    2 66.67%
  • Houston Texans @

    1 33.33%
  • New England Patriots

    2 66.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. snowmutt's Avatar
    Okay, time to flip some coins..

    I was wrong on two of my picks on here (Colts, Vikings), but nailed all four of my picks in a pool with some friends. I read about Ponder not playing for the Vikings early on so switched my pick then, and then Ray Lewis announced his retirement, so I figured there was no way the Ravens were losing at home. This weeks games are even harder...

    Ravens at Broncos: To me, the easiest pick of the weekend. Yes, the Ravens can beat the Broncos. No, I do not think they will. Denver just screams "complete team". Broncos by 10.

    Packers at 49ers: This is a coin flip. I just did it, and 2 out three times it was the Packers, so I will pick against them. (How is that for logic??) San Fran by 4.

    Seahawks at Falcons: Atlanta's "D" has been horrid against Cam Newton and the spread this year (2 games- he accounted for over 700 yards), but I am dumb enough to pick them anyways, even though Seattle and Russell Wilson run the same spread. I just see Atlanta as too good of a team to not get the playoff monkey off their back. Wilson is still a rookie, and tends to start slow in games. Lynch has not practiced all week nursing a foot injury, and this is the second week in a row Seattle has to come east and is playing an early game. Falcons by 3.

    Texans at Patriots: Here is my upset. Patriots destroyed the Texans on Monday night in Foxboro about three weeks ago to start the Texans slide. But I heard this stat on ESPN: In the last 20 years, there have been 11 playoff games where a team hosted another team that they defeated by over 20 points within the last 4 weeks in the season. The losing team won the rematch in 7 of them. The last time? The Jets defeated the Patriots in New England 2 years ago after being blown out by the Pats on Monday Night Football to end the season. Houston stuns the Pats by 7.
    01-11-2013 09:23 AM
  2. mlm1950's Avatar
    01-11-2013 10:52 AM

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