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    (After some questions on another forum and the tube I just want to clarify that I only have one Lumia 920 and the cyan is not available in my country.)
    So I had a sick-day from work yesterday and was bored out of my mind.
    While I was browsing youtube I came across the old ”Introducing the Nokia Lumia 920”-video that I’m sure most of us have seen a thousand times.

    It was actually the first time I saw a Lumia, before I had only read rumors about it on different forums and it got me to do some research and the rest is history.
    But I always thought it was a shame that it was computer animated and didn't show a real phone. I understand that it wouldn't come out as good, some of the shots are impossible to do for real and it would take sooo much looonger to make with a camera.

    But as I said, I was very very veeery bored :)

    (I posted the Original below mine incase somebody needs to refresh their memory.)

    The Original

    A special thanks to Luppi46 for the DJ-footage, check out his channel as well. He really showcases the excellent sound recording capabilities of the Lumia 920.
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