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    ok, so I despise when people post the bs spam crap, and this actually is not. Our local town website is doing a "Sweetheart Sweepstakes" and somehow we got entered. We are a windows phone family people, all 5 lines converted from webos. if you can, please vote for us, and you can vote once a day till the 28th at 5pm.
    I hope people will take me seriously though, I try to be as helpful as possible on the forum, even if I haven't been on too much lately, these 920's are tanks and I haven't had any issues, no hacking needed like the webos days lol.
    thank you everyone, seriously this would make both my wife and I so happy, we got married at the end of july and we were planning a 1 year anniversary trip before this came about, if we win we have agreed to make a sizeable donation to our local Rome humane society where we got our coonhound. thanks again people!

    Sweetheart Upickem

    and yes, their website sucks and they made the registration process stupid to attempt to stop people from cheating.
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    For those of you voting, thank you so much! Remember "Rachel and Rob" pic was taken with a Lumia 900 if I remember correctly lol
    *just a shame they compressed so much
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    People are really coming through! Thanks again for the support people!
    02-17-2013 02:57 PM
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    Thanks everyone! WON THE TRIP by over 200 votes!!!
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    02-28-2013 05:28 PM

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