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    Has there been any talks about an app update log? Nothing really came up on my search in the forums, so. Like if i get 1 app update i can kinda remember what it was that was updated but if there's multiple ones and i wanna check them out, my reg's, and see what's been changed. Sometimes i just hit update all and go about my business but i wanna see something that will reference what was updated and time stamped. Anybody? Example, the app Hardware Tests by Mainland Software Incorporated, it gives all the in's and outs of your phone as far as testing goes but it also keeps track of what been systematically updated and how many files i believe. If you download the app, go to System Info., it's 4 swipes right from your main start screen, on the bottom it show Phone Updates. Press it and it'll give the date the update was on and the amount of packages delivered, i'm guessing by the date it was Portico. Once you push on that it lists everything, such as Owner(company), Component, Sub, Language and Versions. It's a good app in my opinion. So in conclusion something like that which will log everything so you can remember what was actually updated.
    03-16-2013 12:55 AM

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