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01-17-2021 12:48 PM
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  1. me just saying's Avatar
    Adolfo “Shabba Doo” Quiñones, the dancer-actor who rose to fame starring in “Breakin'” and its sequel “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” died Wednesday. He was 65.
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    12-30-2020 04:46 PM
  2. me just saying's Avatar
    Pierre Cardin, the French designer and branding pioneer whose career spanned more than 60 years, has died. He was 98.
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    12-30-2020 04:49 PM
  3. me just saying's Avatar
    Phyllis McGuire, the last of the living McGuire sisters, died this week. She was 89.
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    12-31-2020 01:03 AM
  4. raycpl's Avatar
    Dawn Wells, who famously played Mary Ann Summers on Gilligans Island, has died. She was 82.
    One of my fave shows when growing up
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    12-31-2020 02:16 AM
  5. me just saying's Avatar
    Spongebob Squarepants And Hey Arnold Animator Tuck Tucker Is Dead At 59
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    12-31-2020 07:58 AM
  6. me just saying's Avatar
    Frank Kimbrough, Pianist and Composer Who Balanced Mystery with Clarity, Has Died at 64
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    12-31-2020 07:59 AM
  7. me just saying's Avatar
    Adele Rose, Coronation Street’s longest-serving writer and the creator of children’s series Byker Grove, has died at the age of 87
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    12-31-2020 08:02 AM
  8. me just saying's Avatar
    William Link, a writer and producer known for co-creating “Columbo” and “Murder, She Wrote,” He was 87.
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    12-31-2020 08:04 AM
  9. me just saying's Avatar
    Joe Clark, School Principal Who Inspired Film ‘Lean on Me,’ Has Died At 82. Morgan Freeman starred as Clark in the 1989 film that was loosely based on his tenure at Eastside High School.
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    12-31-2020 08:07 AM
  10. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    BBC News - Coronation Street actor Mark Eden dies aged 92
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    01-02-2021 01:25 AM
  11. me just saying's Avatar
    Paul Westphal, a revered Hall of Fame guard and former NBA champion, has died, the Phoenix Suns announced Saturday. He was 70.
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    01-02-2021 06:08 PM
  12. me just saying's Avatar
    Country singer Misty Morgan, best known for the 1970 hit ‘Tennessee Bird Walk’ with her husband Jack Blanchard, has died after a battle with cancer at the age of 75.

    Country Star Misty Morgan Dies Aged 75 -
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    01-03-2021 09:10 AM
  13. me just saying's Avatar
    Gerry And The Pacemakers singer Gerry Marsden - whose hits included You'll Never Walk Alone - has died aged 78.
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    01-03-2021 02:29 PM
  14. raycpl's Avatar

    "You Never Walk Alone" - the most recognised football anthem in the world. When it's sung out loud at Anfield, its magical.

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    01-03-2021 10:26 PM
  15. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Tanya Roberts, That '70s Show and Charlie's Angels Actress, Dead at 65
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    01-04-2021 02:34 AM
  16. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Brian E. Urquhart, who became the second official hired by the U.N. organization after its formation in 1945 and who helped shape and manage the international body through the final years of the Cold War, died Jan. 2 at his home in Tyringham, Mass. He was 101.
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    01-04-2021 04:29 AM
  17. HelloNNNewman's Avatar
    Jerod Nandin, the South Park cosplayer who became a legend for his fun cosplay at conventions has passed away from COVID-19 complications. Not a famous "star", but a legend nonetheless.

    Jarod was an avid World of Warcraft fan who took pride in giving others the courage to cosplay, having shaved his own head half a dozen times to portray the South Park reference of “Jenkins the Griefer/NWBZPWNR” from the episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft” at various conventions, beginning with an appearance during the Blizzard costume contest at Blizzcon in 2013. Jarod began going with the NWBZPWNR name online thanks to the overwhelming popularity of his cosplay, which is still praised today.


    01-04-2021 11:56 AM
  18. me just saying's Avatar
    Barbara Shelley, a renowned British horror movie actress and "Doctor Who" star, has died at the age of 88 after contracting coronavirus.

    Shelley was best known for her work in horror films made by British production outfit Hammer. She starred alongside Christopher Lee in 1966’s "Dracula: Prince of Darkness," while other notable films included "Rasputin: The Mad Monk" and "Quatermass And The Pit."
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    01-04-2021 05:00 PM
  19. me just saying's Avatar
    Marion Ramsey, an actress and singer who appeared in the 1978 hit Broadway show Eubie! but is best known for her portrayal of the sweet, squeaky-voiced Officer Laverne Hooks in the Police Academy franchise, died today in her Los Angeles home. She was 73.!
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    01-07-2021 06:03 PM
  20. me just saying's Avatar
    Coronation Street and Brookside star Alan Igbon's niece has paid tribute after he "passed away peacefully" at the age of 68. The actor played Jason Grimshaw's estranged dad Tony Stewart in Corrie and starred in a number of critically acclaimed 80s TV dramas including Scum and Boys from the Blackstuff and sitcom Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.
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    01-07-2021 06:05 PM
  21. me just saying's Avatar
    Northern Irish actor James Greene, who appeared in a string of comedies over a long career, has died at the age of 89. He played the footman Old Ian in six episodes of Julia Davis' period comedy Hunderby, head of science John Hubble in the David Walliams sitcom Big School, and Stanley in a 2013 episode of Birds Of A Feather.

    He had a brief role as a Scottish bishop in the 2003 Johnny English film alongside Rowan Atkinson and his last screen role was as multimillionaire poultry tycoon Gordon Andrews in the Greg Davies sitcom Cuckoo in 2019.
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    01-07-2021 06:08 PM
  22. me just saying's Avatar
    John Richardson, the British actor who starred opposite Ursula Andress in She and Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C., died Tuesday of COVID-19 complications. He was 86.

    In Mario Bava's credited feature directorial debut, Richardson portrayed a doctor's assistant whose blood inadvertently brings a vampiric witch (Barbara Steele) back to life in the Italian horror classic Black Sunday (1960).
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    01-07-2021 06:11 PM
  23. me just saying's Avatar
    Alexi Laiho, front man for Finnish metal band Children of Bodom and supergroup Bodom After Midnight, has died, his record label has confirmed. He was 41
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    01-07-2021 06:13 PM
  24. me just saying's Avatar
    Tommy Lasorda, the son of Italian immigrants and a professional pitcher who became a legendary Dodgers manager, global baseball ambassador and national treasure, died on Thursday. He was 93.
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    01-08-2021 01:09 PM
  25. me just saying's Avatar
    Jamie O'Hara, O'Kanes Member and 'Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days)' Songwriter, Dead at 70
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    01-08-2021 01:11 PM
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