1. EauRouge's Avatar

    I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this video.

    Some good topics discussed and I really liked the banter between the guys. Mobile gurus all of them. Salute to a great episode.

    I'd love to see more cross mobile nations discussion and events. Renee showing up to the CrackBerry party, what a guy! Even held up a Z10 and smiled, Bravo. Thats a real technology fan right there, none of this bashing the other guy. These guys all debate and discuss, and have their opinions but all of their criticisms are constructive. Why bash the other guy when the very existence of the 'other guy' makes 'your guy' be better, forces them to innovate and strive for more.

    This is the kind of collaboration that makes these sites great. I would really love to see even more of it.

    Since last summer, the coverage on all of the mobile nations sites has been superb. Unreal work guys. I just wanted to say thank you.
    04-07-2013 11:32 PM

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