1. derek533's Avatar
    Just thought I would create a thread for all us baseball fans out there.

    Did anyone see the video of the brawl after Greinke (LA Dodgers) hit Quentin (SD Padres) and both benches cleared? I feel bad for Greinke as he has been pitching phenomenal and broke his collar bone in the brawl. Not to mention, it wasn't even a wild pitch or thrown that hard and a pitcher would never intentionally hit someone on a 3-2 pitch.

    Video Link: Brawl Erupts In Dodgers' Win Over Padres - ESPN Video - ESPN

    Anway, huge Rangers fan here so we'll see how they fare this season without Hamilton. So far, it doesn't look like they miss him and he hasn't been performing at all for the Angels.
    04-12-2013 07:50 AM
  2. Curtieson's Avatar
    Yea, I agree that Quentin should see some time off. That wasn't intentional at all...just look at the situation.

    "I hear he went to Stanford," Kemp said of Quentin. "People with good baseball IQs, with a one-run lead in the sixth inning and a 3-2 pitch. I've heard smart people go to Stanford, but that wasn't too smart."

    "But like I said, there's a history there. There's a reason why I reacted the way I did. Who knows what happens if he doesn't say anything. Or if he motions that it wasn't intentional."

    Ohhh sure...he MADE you do it...

    Don Mattingly, LA Manager said. "In a 2-1 game we're trying to hit him 3-2? It's just stupid is what it is. He should not play a game until Greinke can pitch. If he plays before Greinke pitches, something is wrong."

    What do you guys think of that? Should he have to sit a couple of weeks or is 1 week enough? I'd say Greinke will miss ~5 starts...so sitting him 5 games makes sense.
    04-12-2013 08:08 AM
  3. TripsG's Avatar
    Pitching puts a lot of torque on the body, and while the collarbone isn't the most critical bone in the body, it does serve a purpose for upper body strength. I'm not sure he'll be back that quick even, and who knows how it will effect his season. Great pitcher. Too bad cooler heads couldn't prevail there. Quentin must have thought he did or said or actually heard him say something to just lose his crap like that. And the guys been hit 42 times, it's not like he's not used to it. Good to have baseball back and nice thread!
    04-12-2013 08:15 AM

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