1. electriclamb's Avatar
    what is a good show to replace the best show ive ever watched in my life. Any other fans of the show on here?
    04-13-2013 01:43 AM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    Never saw Spartacus. Just started watching Game of Thrones. It's pretty good. You might like it.
    04-13-2013 01:53 AM
  3. a5cent's Avatar
    Yep, I 2nd Game of Thrones. Each episode is 50 minutes long, but seems to go by in less than 20. It's my weekly one hour of entertainment bliss. However, it's written like a book, not like a television series, so it must be enjoyed chronologically starting with season one episode one.

    HeyCori likes this.
    04-13-2013 03:06 AM

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