1. ricbon's Avatar
    Ok so money is tight and well I wanted to play the new bioshock infinite like now so i decided to rent a copy through redbox.The main reason i went this route is to save myself money instead of buying the game and saving what is now $52 after the $4 rental it cost me. I rented this friday and to say the least i enjoyed and beat the game about the next day. Beautiful game great action and ending that makes better for any game or movie i have expirenced. Now being a renatl i would think they would block the free copy of the original bioshock, but they dont its downloading as i type this. So its all a win right now saved $52, free game and enjoyment this weekend. I will pick up a copy in the future becasue its that damn good and i want to enjoy it on a bigger screen.
    04-14-2013 07:56 PM