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    Fabricated Internet posts praising Samsung at the expense of HTC products has landed the South Korean company in hot water with Taiwans Fair Trade Commission.

    Taiwans FTC said on Tuesday it was investigating the matter, and could punish Samsung for up to NT$25 million (US$835,000) if it is found to be in violation of fair trade rules.

    The investigation occurs after a local site, called TaiwanSamsungLeaks, accused the South Korean company of evil marketing for covertly criticizing rival products through anonymous Internet users. As evidence, the site published documents allegedly from Samsungs hired marketing firm cataloguing the different forum posts it made last year on local gadget sites.

    The topics covered included a user complaining that his girlfriends HTC One X phone was constantly crashing, and how Samsungs Galaxy Note phone was superior to HTCs Sensation XL handset.
    Taiwan's FTC investigating Samsung for defaming HTC on local online forums | PCWorld

    So apparently Samsung has been caught hiring a firm to post negative messages about HTC products on online forums. Quite a new low for Samsung.

    However I do wonder how many companies use tactics like this, even for simple things like negative reviews on Amazon. I'm guessing it's a lot more common than we think.
    04-17-2013 12:55 AM
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    Closed, since there already is a thread here.

    You are welcome to continue your discussion in that thread.
    04-17-2013 12:59 AM

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