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    I haven't watched CNN with any regularity since the Gulf War in the '90s, but watching up about the Boston Marathon bombings I couldn't help but notice the "news" people frequently talk about their iPhones. A real news person would refer to their mobile phone as simply their "mobile phone", but since they all seem to say "iPhone" I wonder if they are getting paid. Product placement in the 21st century. Even a story about a guy that took pictures of the shootout in the street said he went and got his "camera" to take pictures, but the "news" man said specifically that it was an iPhone and even showed a close-up of the phone.

    I think they're shills.

    Not to mention totally ****ty reporters. Even Wolf Blitzer, who I thought was the real deal, actually said, "...and the older brother had explosives attached to him, like an explosive vest or whatever..." Or whatever? WTF kind of reporting is this? I'm not looking for your conjecture or guesses here, Wolf. Geezus.
    04-24-2013 12:36 AM

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