06-22-2013 03:29 PM
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    Yup, after the first couple of games Miami made big changes defensively. They put Lebron on Parker, and Bosh would come up to help whenever the Spurs would try to set a screen. It worked almost all the time since Parker had a lot of trouble getting into the paint.

    Miami also decided to shut down Danny Green after game 6 which was a big factor in deciding the series.

    I don't know if Miami can win 3 in a row now. It all depends on Wade's health next season and if Miami can find a quality big man to play down low. People are suggesting that they should move Bosh but he is an integral part of that team even if he doesn't score or rebound as much as he should.
    I get tired of hearing criticism about Bosh. Like you said he is a vital part of what they do. He may struggle guarding Hibbert and Duncan one on one, but he is a terrific pick and roll defender and he is effective from the rim to the three point line on offense and defense. Wade really needs to work on his outside shot so if/when he's hurt next year he'll have another option instead of trying to drive against defenders who are backing off of him.

    At some point the Thunder will beat out the Heat because Durant and Westbrook are young, good and getting better. Eventually Durant will be the best player in the league.
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    06-21-2013 01:48 PM
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    I couldn't help but think about Bill Buckner after game 6. In any event, I'm thrilled the Heat kept the Larry O'Brien trophy in the 305 and look forward to next year. This was, without a doubt, the best series I've seen in a while and kudos to the Spurs for showing immense class at the end of the game. Being in an ACC city, I've been watching Duncan since his days at Wake Forest. Unlike the Indiana series that was chippy, this was a hard fought, physical series that showed the world how to play clean, physical basketball without any of the nonsense you see these days. I saw Chalmers get hammered under the rim in game 4 and he got up and gave the Spurs defender a Chad Johnson ****-slap. Sad to see it end.
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    06-21-2013 06:05 PM
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    I agree this was one of the best series in years.

    What will I do now? I'll miss basketball till this fall. There aren't any sports for me now, since I don't like baseball and football hasn't started yet.
    06-22-2013 03:29 PM
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