1. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    So, I found this in Pocketnow.

    Excuse the sensationalist title, the article doesn't make any sense.
    05-06-2013 06:20 PM
  2. anon(5335877)'s Avatar
    Ridiculous. Bill Gates is talking about the iPad not having a keyboard, and all of a sudden he's hypocritical because Windows Phone doesn't have a keyboard? Huh? Windows Phone doesn't compete with the iPad, how can you make that comparison? It's not like the iPhone has a keyboard either.

    I also don't see how it's Microsoft's fault if their hardware partners aren't interested in making a device with a hardware keyboard. What is Microsoft supposed to do? Make a hardware keyboard a minimum requirement now?
    05-06-2013 06:53 PM
  3. berty6294's Avatar
    IOS has no keyboard, Android has like 2 phones worth mentioning with a keyboard, BB10 has no keyboard (yet). What's the problem? They take up a lot of space and quite frankly I type faster with an on screen keyboard.
    05-06-2013 07:06 PM
  4. Kevin Rush's Avatar
    I miss my HTC TouchPro2 with it's "worlds best" slider physical qwerty keyboard that also held the screen at an adjustable viewing angle when set on the table in front of you! It had backlit keys! I wore the letters off the keys getting work done. The WP screen keyboard works pretty good but takes up valuable screen space.

    I like the SurfacePro. It has a keyboard and a kick stand. Hey, how about a WP with a kick stand and two kinds of colorful keyboards that "click" to attach. That way the keyboard haters would be less likely to say "I don't need or want one and don't want anyone to make one."

    Just thinking out loud.
    05-06-2013 07:37 PM
  5. mase123987's Avatar
    Doesn't sound worth reading. Assuming your synopsis is correct, people are just looking for reasons to complain.
    05-06-2013 07:56 PM

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