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    Nokia CEO Elop criticism: investors want out of Windows Phone only | BGR

    thoughts on the topic and... anyone else notice how bad BGR.com has it out against anything MS related? even positive news they tend to twist into a negative
    05-07-2013 07:37 PM
  2. mase123987's Avatar
    What's BGR? Actually a serious question lol
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    05-07-2013 07:39 PM
  3. christenmartin's Avatar
    I just read an article on fox that stated Microsoft is rolling out a bunch of update this year to address the obvious failures of w8 called blue. What the %&*$ ? Doesn't everybody put out updates? Also, the story quoted the "study" stating the drop in PC sales and related it to W8. MS definitely needs to spread around some advertising money to stop the hit pieces.
    05-07-2013 08:01 PM
  4. AngryNil's Avatar
    Boy Genius Report, aka Clickbait Central.

    Tracour - bgr.com
    05-07-2013 08:04 PM
  5. christenmartin's Avatar
    BGR, ehhh.....
    05-07-2013 08:14 PM
  6. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Okay, to the Nokia investors: Blame OPK and Olilia for everything.

    And, to BGR: Please put out more respectable articles. Seriously, you're just as bad as Gizmodo.
    05-07-2013 08:27 PM
  7. a5cent's Avatar
    I've literally seen hundreds of articles like this. They first appeared after the burning platform memo and have appeared regularly ever since.

    As long as Elop can improve the smartphone division's earnings going forward, even if that occurs only slowly, then he isn't going anywhere. Right now, that scenario appears very likely.

    Investors that rode Nokia's stock prices all the way down from $40 are obviously pissed that Nokia hasn't turned around faster. At the end of the day though, they themselves are the only ones to blame... it's their investment and their responsibility.
    05-07-2013 08:32 PM
  8. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Speaking of BGR, am I the only one who's seeing ads for the HTC One on AT&T on BGR?

    I live in the Philippines, and that really sounds wrong.
    05-07-2013 08:55 PM
  9. odin09's Avatar
    The 521 is a great example of how to build Nokia back up. Get people to buy a quality phone super cheap so that they will be more likely to buy a higher end Nokia at a later time.
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    05-07-2013 09:00 PM
  10. squire777's Avatar
    Investors probably have no clue about how the tech world works and think that going Android would somehow magically bump them to the top. They should have a look at how OEM's other than Samsung are doing with their phone sales.
    05-07-2013 10:57 PM
  11. Ridemyscooter86's Avatar
    heres the link to the story:
    Nokia investors tell CEO their patience running thin | Reuters

    Am I the only one that thinks that their board of investors must be complete idiots, I mean how do you expect a man (elop) to take a company that was complacent for years, I mean YEARS, against the iphone and android and have their marketshare destroyed to instantly rival Samsung and apple!? It was Nokia's **** poor management in the first place that landed them in their position prior to windows phone and then they expect this man to magically turn them around and make them instantly competitive with Samsung and apple? I think windows phone was their best option and android wouldn't have necessarily been bad either, but I don't think android nokias would have been selling better either. Still, its crazy to me that a man that has largely turned the company around and drastically restructured it, sure they are still loosing money, but a lot less than they used to, is according to their board not doing a good job? I would be screaming at them if I were in his place!
    05-07-2013 11:50 PM
  12. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    The biggest problem that I see is Nokia's continued belief that it could make money on feature phones. The low-priced smartphones like the 520/521 would be better to market than feature phones, since the 520/521 are competitively priced with cheap Android devices. Nobody will buy a cheap feature phone when he/she can get a cheap Android or 520/521 for only a small amount more than the feature phone. Nokia needs to exit the feature phone market and only make smartphones (low-end, medium-end, and high-end).
    05-08-2013 12:36 AM
  13. Villain's Avatar
    also shareholders care about one thing.... quick, dirty fast money. they almost never look at the long term. no one besides samsung is making money on android.

    also they would lose that nice fat microsoft pay check every year.

    I think limiting devices by going exclusive with providers was a bad bad move even though they got free advertising... myself I had to get the 8X if I wanted to go with WP (completely regret as well). the Lumia 920 is exclusive to rogers in canada and rogers has 2g/edge service in most no big cities.
    05-08-2013 03:28 PM
  14. gedzum's Avatar
    Right..and I'm guessing these investors think that Samsung (and to a lesser extent the other OEMs) will just let Nokia waltz in and take some of that android market share away from them. No doubt Nokia makes some of the best hardware out there, but to take it to that crowded platform..how much of an improvement, if any, would it be over WP? Nokia is in the same position with WP as Samsung is with android. The WP platform just needs to improve and mature; and I believe we're starting to see that.
    05-09-2013 04:49 AM

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