1. Marty Larsson's Avatar

    I'm sorry but this is going to sway so many xbox users! Sad but true, dumb Microsoft rules!
    06-12-2013 06:22 PM
  2. Beast of Haeven's Avatar
    06-12-2013 06:28 PM
  3. Baryex86's Avatar
    I dont know whats the issue. Whoever has money to buy both, buy them. I, for one, gona buy just the PS4. Never owned an Xbox, don't think I'll ever will.
    06-12-2013 06:31 PM
  4. Marty Larsson's Avatar
    I so want to buy the Xbox One but i think I'm going to have to opt for the ps4 as hard as it will be to switch i hope Microsoft do something about their crap rules. I think wee all know that the ps4 atm is hands down the better choice as much as xbox fans like myself try deny it its true :(
    06-12-2013 06:41 PM
  5. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Someone already posted this here.
    06-12-2013 06:55 PM

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