1. djSupport's Avatar
    Hi I've had a small vision!
    I like the idea of NFC for sharing links and was going to create an NFC Treasure hunt over a large area near my home in the UK,
    with an initial starting clue on my website then perhaps on the first destinations NFC Tag a code handwritten on the Tag when they get the NFC Link they enter the code to get the next clue etc etc, but then I thought about something else how about an NFC LOCATION SPECIFIC Online guest book?
    So here's an example you programme a Tag with a link to a profile for your physical site (a monument, place of interest or even a park bench) on this profile you have a 5 star review system and an opportunity to leave a 'I was here short' message which can be anything and perhaps on the profile a few links to further information like perhaps a wikipedia article on the location for detailed info. Imagine going into the woods and finding an unusual area and finding a 'I've been here' tag that tells you what the area is and you can leave you own bit of online graffiti or information about your visit! Would it interest you guys? I'm learning a PHP and have got the domain I need albeit just a .co.uk at the moment as the .com is already used.
    I'll start working on a draft extremely basic version soon to show the idea,

    What do you guys and gals think about it?
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    06-27-2013 04:57 AM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    It sounds like a really great idea! :D
    06-27-2013 04:59 AM
  3. djSupport's Avatar
    Cheers, I can think of many fun ways to use it as NFC Adoption tales hold, imagine forming a relationship/friendship with someone who visits the same bench as you! Or stumbling across a couple of bricks on the floor of random walk in the country and wondering why they are there but someone's added it to the site and stuck a sticker there explaining that it used to belong to something bigger at that location and you can then leave your mark to say you've been there... Etc etc
    06-27-2013 07:18 AM
  4. HaibaneReki's Avatar
    Looking forward to more NFC fun!
    06-27-2013 07:38 AM
  5. djSupport's Avatar
    It could be a very slow developing site purely because of my full time security job and learning state of my php, js and mysql if anyone wants to jump in and help work on the site for free as the site will be free then give me a shout!
    06-27-2013 07:44 AM
  6. djSupport's Avatar
    Ok so I've got the index page up explaining what will happen at least for now so feel free to have a quick read! I'll start working on how I'm going to do things internally with the places pages soon!

    Been Here
    07-01-2013 08:35 AM
  7. Andre Esteves's Avatar
    Seems a very good idea, if you need help coding it for WP or Android just ask :)
    07-04-2013 05:49 AM
  8. djSupport's Avatar
    I don't think it will need an app as it basically is all web, I'm working on the format of the 'locations' page this is it so far.... remember this is for a mobile view = Been Here
    so the user will come along -> fill out the sites details -> the web page will register that page -> and issue the user with the location link -> user then programs an NFC tag takes it out and attaches it too the location -> a person will come along and tap that nfc and go to that locations page -> they can share their location to facebook/twitter and 'say' they have been here and leave a guestbook page. So it's kind of like a digital comments book but can be specific even down to a park bench or even a business premises. You could perhaps (providing the NFC tag sticks) create 'been here' tag spots on a rock climbing area to see how many people find it or play games hunting for tags in unusual places etc etc

    The only problem I have is NFC tags and custom prints, You could write the 'Been Here' part but it would be better to have the pre-made logo and instructions printed on the tag but current;ly I only see bulk printing options and would people be willing pay to bulk print tags to post everywhere?
    07-04-2013 07:34 AM
  9. djSupport's Avatar
    I think by the end of Sunday I'll have a fully working location page, then next is the register page...
    07-05-2013 06:51 AM
  10. djSupport's Avatar
    Ok so no location page cimpleted although I've updated the current one!
    07-09-2013 08:34 AM
  11. djSupport's Avatar
    Ok so the sites up and running but I'll be making changes probably to the styles slightly as core functionality is now there especially the misplaced 'Report' Button, I've stated on the site its in BETA mode so you can register locations but I recommend not writing to NFC tags and just testing functionality and displaying on your mobile phones via the link sent to your emails, Please do go and test things out and report your feedback! or ideas.... I'm a new guy to PHP and programming in general so don't expect a massive load of feature requests handled and added I'm learning as I go along!!

    Register some locations and test everything out if you want! including the guestbook feature... I've Been Here!
    07-25-2013 07:05 AM
  12. djSupport's Avatar
    The point at the moment is just checking my code works etc so please feel free to register a site then check the link out on the phone and report to me any errors if you find any!!
    07-31-2013 07:31 AM

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