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    Hello I need some advice on what to do. I purchased my L920 cyan on launch day (ATT) and since launch I've gone through 6 of them due to defects or firmware screwing the phone up.i just received #6 Friday and I'm having a similar issue to #5 where more than half of my calls I sound distant and underwater while having no case on and full signal lte. Also the phone seems to be getting hot quickly.
    last night I tweeted att support and made 3 tweets . In the process of those 3 tweets on WiFi the phone went from cold to burning.att support called me last night and told me that the Nokia w8p (<- looks better when typed like that) have been returned and exchanged alot due to a ton of manufacturing issues and since I'm on my 6th if I wanted to go with an android they would give me a new android phone that would normally be $199 if it was on contract but my current contract would not be affected. Or I could wipe out my contract and get the iPhone 5s but sign a new 2 yr and pay the $199.

    I need advice on what to do. It seems so simple to switch phones but its not due to these things being an integral part of out days. I've read reviews for many phones and there's no all around great phone .the HTC one looks beautiful but the camera is crap and the battery is crap. The Lumia 925 is perfect because its still wp8 but its only 16gigs. The iPhone 5s is just more of the same bur the additions to the is make it very appealing. Its basically everything I want from WP8. But I know u won't be able to get an iPhone at launch due to all the crazies .

    I'd live to stay with wpp8 even through its missing a large amount of apps all my friends play, I just love the OS. Advice advice advice
    09-18-2013 06:05 AM
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    Sorry to hear of all the problems you've had. I'm on my fourth L920 due various problems so I somewhat feel your pain. With my latest L920 I have had no issues.

    Not sure what size phone you are looking for but if going Android here are my thoughts:

    LG Optimus G Pro - Honestly one of the most underexposed/underrated phones out right now. Snapdragon 600, 1080P, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, SD expansion, 3140 MAH battery, 13MP camera. Read both critic and user reviews - almost all say how great of a phone it is, etc. Go to an AT&T store and play with it and you'll see how nice it really is. However, if you don't like big screens you won't like the OGP as it's 5.5".

    LG G2 - Just released. Top end specs - Snapdragon 800, 5.2" 1080P screen, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, no SD support, 3000 MAH battery, 13MP camera. Has a unique power button/volume control on the back. Reviews seem positive. I've played with it and feels good in hand, however it has a strange lip around the front face of the phone that almost seems sharp or something and may turn some off.

    I would also say for a smaller phone the HTC One Mini looks to be a nice device but it has only 16GB storage like the L925 so probably out of the question.

    As to the iPhone, I haven't used iOS in quite a while, but the 5S looks solid and you probably couldn't go wrong there. You get more options on storage as well. The $199 price gave you for the iPhone, was that the 32GB model?

    Edit: Just wanted to add, it sounds like you really like WP so have you thought about waiting till October to see what is announced at the Nokia event? Rumors are it's the 1520 that will be revealed but maybe they will have something else. Just a thought. Good luck!
    09-18-2013 07:25 AM
  3. aximtreo's Avatar
    I wonder if all your problems with the 920 is more the norm than the exception. It was the first to be released and I have read many horror stories about multiple returns and exchanges.

    That said, I have the 928 from Verizon and have had it for three months. Until I did the Amber update, I had no problems at all. Now, I have to soft reset most every day and have had to do a hard reset once since the update. I attribute these problems to the left hand (MS) and the right hand (Nokia) not working well together.

    Maybe some of the 920 problems are coming from this lack of total communications. I truly hope so. WP8 seems to be catching on world wide and I would hope the new joining of MS/Nokia will improve things.
    09-18-2013 08:18 AM
  4. joeynox's Avatar
    The 1520 is too big. I do really like wp8 soon we should be getting notification center and all that but its tough dealing with these issues. For a while I thought it was just the cyan models but my brother has/had the white model and has had nothing but problems also so he's back with his iPhone.
    09-18-2013 09:04 AM
  5. stmav's Avatar
    I wonder if there were bad production runs. I've had a cyan since launch and have had no problems minus 2 soft resets.
    09-18-2013 09:43 AM
  6. joeynox's Avatar
    ok so heres the deal. att rep from twitter is sending em a Brand new LG G2. she said i could have choses from the lumia 925,lgg2,s3,s4,note 2,ative,optimus, htc one and the mini. i wanted the lumia 925 but i was worried id run into more bad luck so im gonna go and try android. best part is i dont have to pay a single cent. because ive beent hrough 6 phones shes just gonna send me out over night a lgg2. :)

    I had an s3 for about a month but never used it because i had the L920. any advice regarding android and battery saving tips would be great. well it has a 3000 mah battery so that should be a huge upgrade over my 920
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    09-18-2013 06:26 PM
  7. kbilly70's Avatar
    any advice rearding andriod and batteryy saving tips would be great. well it has a 3000 mah batery so that should be a huge upgrade over my 920
    I've read some good things about battery life on the G2 so hopefully you'll have a good experience too. As to battery saver tips I would state the obvious - WiFi and Bluetooth turned off, no push email, etc. If you notice strange battery drains there apps on the play store that will identify wakelock, usage etc. One of the best is Better Battery Stats. Ignore battery saver apps. They do more harm than good.

    One downside to Android is the carrier bloat that is loaded on the phone. If you like the AT&T apps then no big deal but if you want get rid of them the only way is to root your phone. Check XDA Developers. Great forums and tons of info. I read an article the other day that someone had already rooted the G2 so if you want to go that route check there.

    Anyway, congratulations. You'll have to follow up and let us know how it goes.
    09-18-2013 08:34 PM
  8. snowmutt's Avatar
    Kinda hard to really advise you, as you did not tell us things like what you use your device for, and what is important to you. From your post, I gathered 2 things for sure:

    -You like WP.
    -You at least consider camera and battery life important.

    Do you surf the web? Social network? What apps do your friends have you miss on WP? Is music important to you? Screen size and resolution? You mentioned you love WP, what do you love? Do you dis-like Android, or just prefer WP?

    As you seem to be on AT&T, there are some decent options, but I do not want to guess. Give us your needs. This forum will of course want you to stay on WP, but will be glad to give you the device we feel works for you.
    09-19-2013 12:26 AM
  9. joeynox's Avatar
    I mainly wanted everything my 920 is/has. Quick and speedy, 32gb min(24ish) ,good camera, great battery life.

    I chose the LG G2 based off of many reviews. Its not perfect, a little large but it has a solid camera with ois that is supposed to be better than nokias base on a review I read/watched as they did a side by side with the 1020, it has the snap dragon 800 chip and 3000mah battery.

    I ASKED THE At&T rep if I had to send back my 920 and she said" its yours, junk it or put it on Craig's list. You don't need that garbage anymore". I plan on sending it to Nokia for repair so at least I will be able to still be apart of wp8 when android bothers the ish out of me
    09-19-2013 01:48 PM
  10. joeynox's Avatar
    so I've had the lgg2 for a few days and I can officially say android sucks. The LG G2 is really fast and what an amazing screen !! Omg the screen is simply beautiful. The camera takes beautiful pictures but the view finder is slightly laggy.

    Wp8 would be perfect if it had androids control panel quick launch thing . Also the playstore>>> marketplace. I'm not just talking about app selection but the layout on the playstore is light years ahead of the marketplace.

    I still prefer my Nokia 920 to the LG mainly because I like wp8 .i may sell the g2 when the new crop of wp8s with bigger screens are released .
    09-22-2013 06:15 PM

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