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    the legacy of the n9 perfected.

    No buttons and thin bezels. The top and bottom bezels are for swiping to summon windows 8 like charms.

    The spec i listed are impossible for a 8mm phone so never mind them. Leave it to your imagination.

    summary (What i will tell you):
    • 12 MP PureView
    • xenon flash,
    • more than 6 lens inside the camera
    • wireless charging inside
    • removable storage (put together with the sim card slot)
    • thin at 8mm
    • 5.1 inch screen. standard size.
    • Thick polycarbonate for added durability.
    • Wider polycarbonate around the phone so the color and designs pops out at the user directly. I feel with the 1020 Nokia puts less and less polycarbonate around the phone so you hardly see the color when your using it.
    • design based off of the n9 (Well... duh. I mean no touch buttons)
    • OS: Windows Phone 8.1 (What did you think it was Android?)

    Why No 41 MP: This is my dream phone so no 41 MP camera. Don't care for it. Love the 1020 but i want a balanced phone for everyday things. I'm not calling the 1020 a niche device, all i'm saying is not everyone wants a 41 MP pureview camera. Like how not everyone wants a thin or thick phone. I would like my dream phone to be under 10 mm. To each his own.

    I was surprised how good green looked.
    More like grey but i didn't want the polycarbonate body to blend with the bezel
    Regular Blue because i did green so why not normal blue.
    Don't ask me where i got the wallpaper. Seriously if you bing (Yes when you have a windows phone it's a sin to Google on your phone :P) a random color next to the word wallpaper you'll get a lot of cool abstract stuff. That's where i get ALL of the wallpaper for these phones from. Seriously try it and you'll find yourself killing your free space quickly. Prepare your skydrive settings...

    The obvious windows 8 wallpaper is from 1800 pocket pc when they dug it up like a year ago... Pretty cool pack. You won't regret downloading it. I mean it's free so what not?

    Finally if you saw my last phone the x3 then this is the successor and the last in the X series. I don't want to pull an Apple with the 5s i mean 5 or is it the 4s????? Argh I can't tell anymore.

    Trust me you don't want the specs they're ridiculously too much for a 8mm. You would only laugh. But yeah the standard dual, quad and octo core with 1080p screen. I made this in Paint.net not adobe photoshop. I have a template for each color so yeah...
    Attached Thumbnails nokia-lumia-x4-white.jpg   nokia-lumia-x4-red.jpg   nokia-lumia-x4-cyan.jpg  
    09-28-2013 10:56 PM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    I'd rather have it on MeeGo. Other than that, it's fine.

    The wide bezels are there for swiping gestures and ergonomics purposes. As for the touch buttons, I'd rather have them on if you're still using WP8.x. Remember, Win8-like charms aren't really suitable for Windows Phones.

    Other than that, it's fine. Just let me look at the concept images.
    09-28-2013 11:08 PM
  3. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    I've looked at it, and I think you should make the polycarbonate on the sides a bit less, and if I follow your concept, the top and bottom bezels larger, and bottom and top polycarbonate a bit smaller.
    In addition, it doesn't really look good from an ergonomic perspective. The back of the N9 (and 1020) is rather curved to make it more comfortable to hold.

    Before I forget, curved glass. End of story.
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    09-28-2013 11:13 PM
  4. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    But, who amI to criticize? It's your concept! It's up to you to improve it as you see fit. Excellent concept.
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    09-28-2013 11:14 PM
  5. Cellus13's Avatar
    In the picture i couldn't make it have curve glass without having the screen bulge out like crazy but on the spec list it does have curved glass. I do agree that with the curved back of the 920 and 1020 it is comfortable to hold as i have held both but i like phones with flat backs. I see what your saying though and i agree with the ergonomics criticisms.
    09-28-2013 11:38 PM
  6. Lendo's Avatar
    I think my keyboard is shorting out from all the drool
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    09-29-2013 12:47 AM
  7. Jupast's Avatar
    Nokia don't seem to like Green, which is a shame, really like that one in particular.
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    09-29-2013 01:11 AM
  8. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Nokia don't seem to like Green, which is a shame, really like that one in particular.
    The that to le green N8.
    09-29-2013 03:28 AM
  9. Jupast's Avatar
    The that to le green N8.
    I realize they have done them, but with the Lumia range they tend to ship out the usual Yellows, Reds, Cyans etc.

    I know there's a Peppermint Green 920, and i have the green 'rugged' shell for my 820, but as a rule, they don't tend to make green a standard colour.
    09-29-2013 07:09 PM
  10. Cellus13's Avatar
    Cut down the polycarbonate around the phone alot, now it looks like you can hold it and it looks attractive like the 920's. Made the side bezel's a bit thinner. Didn't like the bezels that much last time around.

    Kept the flat back. Perfected at last.


    Also redesigned the Lumia 1520 to the signature design with xenon flash. Used gradients to give it the 3D appearance. With the glass and the body itself. No camera hump so i guess it would be thicker. And those side buttons are missing. I realize that...

    11-16-2013 05:58 PM
  11. gsquared's Avatar
    Nice design. I'm surprised MSFT never took WP8 button-less. Went Nokia went exclusive with WP I thought that would be one of their main focus points. I hope they will going forward. Nokia has the experience to do it.
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    11-17-2013 02:17 AM

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