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    I am a semi-active investor and have recently put a good size stake in JC Penny. While the media wants everyone to believe this company is doomed I don't see it that way. Now, I'm certainly not suggesting anyone run out and buy some stocks I wanted to share this quote. It's the mark of a good leader.

    "I told lenders it would be one thing if we had two things wrong and they couldn't be fixed. We have 30 things wrong and they can all be fixed,"

    He also made a comment about company morale stating "its better than it should be." Again, good leaders have a way of lifting everyone around them.
    10-28-2013 02:51 PM
  2. JoelBennett's Avatar
    Interesting you should mention that. Last week I had a chance to sit in a small business workshop where one of the people recently had completed a student work term at BlackBerry. She said the attitude within the company is still very positive. Maybe there's something to be said about "the little engine that could" after all. It's pretty hard to put a price on attitude.
    10-28-2013 04:23 PM
  3. gsquared's Avatar
    Poor BB.

    But, for WP to succeed BB has to fall.
    10-28-2013 05:02 PM

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