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    So get this. I am laying in my bed. Nothing new. Same location, same spot, same bed. No new electronics acquired in a while. Everything is exactly the same.

    In my bed with me..

    1. POS (dell laptop)
    2. Luscious Lucy (Lumia 920)
    3. Old Touch pro2 that I am selling next to me on the nightstand.

    Everything is running on battery. No A/C charger plugged in. Everything is charged. I am in bed on my POS. I distinctly remember 5 mins prior, the battery was 92%.
    Lucy was between 90 and a 100%. TP2, just had finished re-romming it before shipping next day and had it fully charged. 90-100%.

    POS has the standard low battery warning setup just like any other one.

    Without warning..BAM!! POS powers off. I was like uhh..wtf. thought somehow battery came lose. reseated battery tried again. nothing. no love. Tried again. nothing. Plugged into AC charger, orange light..charging... fire it up. its down to 2% and charging.

    I then look at LUCY as I am puzzled. Lucy is dead! plug into AC. comes to life. charging. 0%. 5 mins later Nokia screen flashes on. it was beyond dead.

    Look at TP2... DEAD. same thing. completely drained.

    Then..next day I notice..clock on the wall..dead. same time as everything else. No other drainage to anywhere else in the house or any other room.

    Any ideas? Anyone else ever experience this?
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    11-28-2013 03:40 AM
  2. b23h's Avatar
    you farted an EMP?
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    11-28-2013 03:59 AM
  3. Titaniumgiant's Avatar
    11-28-2013 04:06 AM
  4. AndyCalling's Avatar
    This one definitely sounds like aliens to me. Do you live in the US? I hear aliens are always visiting there. I believe there is some suitable insurance you can buy just in case they decide to probe you next time.
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    11-28-2013 04:12 AM
  5. Titaniumgiant's Avatar
    what about tinfoil? can I put up aluminum foil curtains? lmao
    11-28-2013 04:29 AM
  6. sam cris's Avatar
    man,thats creepy.i Donny why it never happens to me
    11-28-2013 04:52 AM
  7. palandri's Avatar
    Moved to off topic (aliens)
    11-28-2013 05:08 AM

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