1. Zerveone's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Despite it might sound strange to ask this on WPCentral Forums I'm going to try.
    I saw some people here being from Norway and I hope they're going to sound off, helping me. Or anyone knowing more about this country.

    I'm planning a trip to Norway, approximately one week long. I'm taking my car with me, so I'm not going to be restricted so much.
    My questions are:
    1. Are there any cheap prepaid offers with a lot of data to use?
    2. Estimated prices of diesel, accommodation - is it hard to find a place to sleep over one night? Should I expect road tolls?
    3. Places to see! What should we visit? Where to go? I'm mostly interested in nature, Fjords, lakes, landmarks, small colorful villages...

    If anyone has some suggestions I should keep in mind, feel free to add them here, thanks :)
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    12-10-2013 11:31 AM
  2. snowmutt's Avatar
    Well, I am stinking jealous. Norway is one of those countries I have been dying to see. I hope you get some responses, we do have a few posters from there.

    Have fun!!
    12-10-2013 11:47 AM
  3. Zerveone's Avatar
    Visiting Norway was something I always wanted to do. Now I can make it happen but I can't find much info about things I need to know before I go. Still waiting for a helping hand :)
    12-11-2013 09:03 AM

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