10-14-2015 06:11 PM
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  1. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Less than 3.7", since it worked just fine on phones like the iPhone 4S (and every model before that). I would even consider going back to fliphones (but the good ones like they had in Korea and Japan before I even bother making a 6" phablet work for me as a daily driver. I hope this "we need bigger phones" trend ends soon.

    Games based on/inspired by literature:
    Dante's Inferno -or- Enslaved: Odyssey to the West?
    11-12-2014 12:11 AM
  2. psoham777's Avatar
    Sudoku or minesweeper?

    Sent from my old bold Lumia 710
    11-14-2014 09:55 AM
  3. QwarkDreams's Avatar

    This -or- that?
    11-14-2014 10:15 AM
  4. psoham777's Avatar
    If or then?
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-14-2014 10:42 AM
  5. QwarkDreams's Avatar

    Drink -or- eat?
    11-14-2014 11:57 AM
  6. psoham777's Avatar
    Sleep or play?
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-14-2014 12:22 PM
  7. QwarkDreams's Avatar

    juice -or- tea?
    11-14-2014 05:28 PM
  8. psoham777's Avatar
    Ice cream or cake?
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-14-2014 11:20 PM
  9. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar

    Cabbage or broccoli?
    11-19-2014 12:37 AM
  10. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Broccoli! I ahve no idea why so many people hate broccoli O.o

    nVidia -or- AMD/ATI?
    11-19-2014 10:38 AM
  11. psoham777's Avatar
    Tough one.
    ATI is excellent, NVIDIA is also good, its more popular. I'll choose NVIDIA.
    As they tastes almost the same, which would you choose, along with some vegetables.
    Brinjal or potato?
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-19-2014 10:50 AM
  12. someone2639's Avatar
    Potato. 12.5 4k, or 17 inch VGA?
    11-19-2014 04:34 PM
  13. psoham777's Avatar
    12.5 4k.
    Laptop, 15" or 21"?
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-19-2014 10:12 PM
  14. someone2639's Avatar
    12.5 4k.
    Laptop, 15" or 21"?
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    21" if it's 3 lbs, but 15 in general. Lumia 1020, or DSLR?
    11-19-2014 10:17 PM
  15. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    1020. not really into photography. but a 1020 is more compact than a dedicated camera and makes nice pictures.

    Light lunch at work: panini -or- soup?
    11-19-2014 11:38 PM
  16. psoham777's Avatar
    635 or 535?
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-20-2014 12:35 AM
  17. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    535. although the pixel density is unacceptable for both,

    EA or Ubisoft?
    11-20-2014 02:36 AM
  18. psoham777's Avatar
    Ubisoft or gameloft?
    11-20-2014 04:05 AM
  19. someone2639's Avatar
    Ubisoft or gameloft?
    Ubisoft. Running on a trail, or running on the sidewalk?
    11-20-2014 07:04 AM
  20. psoham777's Avatar
    Running on trail.
    Free games(totally free without in-app purchases) or paid games(without in-app purchases)
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-20-2014 09:17 AM
  21. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Paid games. Absolutely no fan of micro-transactions, especially ones that are obviously "pay to win" or "don't want to wait? want more gems/wood/...? just pay 5$ for X amount". I don't mind DLC as long as it's priced fair and not of the sorts of "it should've been in the game all along but we decided to let you pay full price for only half of the content and let you pay extra for the other half" scheme.

    painting or sculpture?
    11-20-2014 10:21 AM
  22. psoham777's Avatar
    Day or night?
    Sent from my dark knight 1320
    11-20-2014 11:17 AM
  23. someone2639's Avatar
    Night (cause sleep.) qwerty, or azerty?
    11-20-2014 01:57 PM
  24. QwarkDreams's Avatar

    wet wipes or bidet?
    11-20-2014 10:39 PM
  25. psoham777's Avatar
    Afternoon or evening?
    11-20-2014 11:36 PM
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