10-14-2015 05:11 PM
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  1. micallan_17's Avatar

    IE11 or latest chrome?

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    02-28-2014 07:49 PM
  2. worldspy99's Avatar

    Rain or Snow?
    02-28-2014 07:50 PM
  3. MarcinKe's Avatar
    Spring or autumn?
    02-28-2014 08:15 PM
  4. micallan_17's Avatar

    Hiking or driving

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    02-28-2014 08:19 PM
  5. fatclue_98's Avatar

    Boating - Power or sail?

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    02-28-2014 08:23 PM
  6. micallan_17's Avatar

    Watching a movie at the theater or Imax

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    02-28-2014 08:26 PM
  7. worldspy99's Avatar
    02-28-2014 08:49 PM
  8. raycpl's Avatar
    Cant remember when I actually last listen to a CD. So its MP3 but only high 256 kbps and above.

    Burgers of Dogs ??
    02-28-2014 09:42 PM
  9. snowmutt's Avatar
    Burgers. Mmmmmm......


    Tinker with them, or straght to a mechanic?
    03-01-2014 12:12 AM
  10. worldspy99's Avatar
    Tinker with them - replaced the brakes on my Acura two weekends ago - rotors and pads:-)

    Motor Oil
    Castrol GTX or Mobil 1?
    03-01-2014 01:32 AM
  11. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Since I don't have a car, I honestly couldn't care less :-P
    But I'll play along and say Castrol GTX ;-)

    Potato -or- Coleslaw?
    03-01-2014 01:49 AM
  12. raycpl's Avatar
    Creamy buttery 'tatos

    Stairs, Lifts or escalators??
    03-01-2014 03:15 AM
  13. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Escalators. Cause in case they stop you can still walk up/down. Being stuck in an elevator is just annoying and pure horror if you have to go to the bathroom really bad (also it's annoying when people wedge in like it's the last elevator ever and you feel like a sardine in a can).

    How would you like an apocalypse to start:
    Unknown virus/bacteria that turn people into flesh-eating monsters (not necessarilly zombies) -or- intelligent plants/sea creatures rebell against humankind?
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    03-01-2014 04:01 AM
  14. raycpl's Avatar
    Revenge of the plant/sea creatures.

    Grey hair... To dye or not to dye??
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    03-01-2014 08:00 AM
  15. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Let it grey. The ladies say it looks distinguished.

    Razors - electric or blade
    03-01-2014 08:18 AM
  16. mrdeeds_72's Avatar
    Blade, *****! 😁

    Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Love Hewitt
    03-01-2014 08:23 AM
  17. fatclue_98's Avatar
    J Love.

    Visa Guerra or Sofia Vergara?

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    03-01-2014 09:27 AM
  18. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Sofia Vergara. But both aren't the best in their "field".

    A serious Jim Carrey:
    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind -or- The Number 23 -or- The Majestic?
    03-01-2014 10:21 AM
  19. worldspy99's Avatar
    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.
    Royal Pains or White Collar?
    03-01-2014 12:51 PM
  20. mpt15's Avatar
    White Collar.
    Chocolate: white, milk, or dark?
    03-01-2014 10:41 PM
  21. snowmutt's Avatar
    White chocolate for me. My Dad worked for Nestle Corporation, and just ruined me on chocolate for life. Always had it laying around, and now I am done with it. White chocolate, though, still kind of a treat.

    You have a half a pot of coffee from the morning, and you need a pick me up:

    Reheat the coffee to save money, or dump it and make a new pot?
    mpt15 likes this.
    03-02-2014 01:28 AM
  22. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    First of all: why do I have to pick you up?
    Second: it would be a 4693miles/7552km trip.
    Third: Why do I have to pick you up again?
    I really doubt that this half pot of coffee would last for the entire trip, so I dump it and brew a new one (plus buying more on the way and having lots of bathroom breaks, cause caffeine drains the water from your body).

    Seriously, why do I have to pick you up? O.o

    Ruining friendships with boardgames:
    Monopoly -or- Risk?
    03-02-2014 02:43 AM
  23. raycpl's Avatar

    ebook or real books??
    03-02-2014 03:18 AM
  24. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar

    ebook or real books??
    real books , I can smell the pages lol
    windows 98 or windows me ?
    03-02-2014 03:30 AM
  25. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Windows 98

    Jogging -or- riding a bike?
    03-02-2014 05:48 AM
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