10-14-2015 06:11 PM
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  1. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Criminal Minds (with my favorite double-episode with Tim Curry as the bad guy :D )

    Legend of Aang or Legend of Korra?
    snowmutt likes this.
    03-05-2014 06:33 PM
  2. raycpl's Avatar

    Maxwell Smart or Austin Powers??
    03-05-2014 07:58 PM
  3. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Smart - Agent 99 to be precise.

    James West - Robert Conrad or Will Smith?
    snowmutt and raycpl like this.
    03-05-2014 08:53 PM
  4. raycpl's Avatar
    No contest at all, Robert Conrad

    Red pill or blue pill??
    snowmutt likes this.
    03-05-2014 09:06 PM
  5. snowmutt's Avatar
    Hmmm... how far down the rabbit hole does raycpl want to go...

    Ahhh, the heck with it. Give me the red pill, let's tick off some agents.

    As time rolls on and people forget how great they were, least appreciated 70's rock group:

    Boston or Queen?
    raycpl likes this.
    03-05-2014 09:11 PM
  6. raycpl's Avatar
    Queen cos they dare to make a sound track for F-F-F-FLAASSSSH-H-H-H- aah-haa saviour of the world

    Night At The Opera or N.E.Other
    snowmutt likes this.
    03-05-2014 10:45 PM
  7. worldspy99's Avatar
    Night at the Opera

    Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch or Kriss Kross?
    03-06-2014 01:54 AM
  8. snowmutt's Avatar
    Marky Mark. Forget anything else, the gang knew how to dress correctly.

    Poison or Motley Crue?
    03-06-2014 07:25 AM
  9. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Crue all the way.

    Best TV villain - Dr. Miguelito Loveless or J.R. Ewing?
    03-06-2014 09:21 AM
  10. worldspy99's Avatar
    JR Ewing, all the way :-)
    Tablets under $300 refurbished...
    Surface RT vs iPad2?
    03-06-2014 09:36 AM
  11. dznk's Avatar
    Surface RT for me definitely.

    If you don't mind heights... Bungee Jump or Tandem Skydive?
    03-06-2014 11:14 AM
  12. fatclue_98's Avatar
    I mind heights very much but I'll take my chances with the rubber band.

    Concord or 747?
    03-06-2014 11:31 AM
  13. raycpl's Avatar
    Never sat on a Concorde, so I choose that.

    Extremes...walking on burning coal or submerge in icy waters ??
    03-06-2014 12:54 PM
  14. worldspy99's Avatar
    Icy waters, although to my injured legs the pain is equivalent to walking on burning coals.

    Touch Cover 2 or Type Cover 2 for Surface?
    03-06-2014 01:09 PM
  15. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Type cover 2

    PC case:
    I like it normal and unobtrusive, so I choose a nice, classic black -or- I want to stand out, gimme colors!
    03-06-2014 06:01 PM
  16. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Colors - the brighter, the better. The ladies love a man who wears pink. Trust me.

    Climbing Everest or exploring the Titanic wreck in a DSRV?
    03-06-2014 06:45 PM
  17. worldspy99's Avatar
    Titanic wreck in a DSRV

    Surface vs Surface 2?
    03-06-2014 07:56 PM
  18. juanitoriv's Avatar
    Surface 2 if only for the remix kit. Mmmmmm... Katana or Gladius?
    03-07-2014 02:37 AM
  19. Detectionable's Avatar

    PS3 or XBOX One?
    03-07-2014 03:44 AM
  20. worldspy99's Avatar
    Xbox One

    Moto G or Nokia X+?
    03-07-2014 09:00 AM
  21. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Nokia X+.

    Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?
    03-07-2014 09:09 AM
  22. worldspy99's Avatar
    Windows 8.1, loving it on my Surface so far

    New phone color...
    White or Purple?
    03-07-2014 09:47 AM
  23. QwarkDreams's Avatar
    Purple, just like these hills :-D

    Eminem -or- Macklemore?
    03-07-2014 10:02 AM
  24. worldspy99's Avatar
    That is a tough one, I like them both, I will go with Eminem.

    Rihanna or Lady Gaga?
    03-07-2014 10:12 AM
  25. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    That extremely tough hmmmm I will have to go with Lady Gaga.

    Katy Perry or Christina Aguilera?
    03-07-2014 10:23 AM
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