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    I just wanted to give a quick props/thnx/kudos/shoutout/gracias to the local Microsoft Store at Millennia Mall in Orlando Florida:

    I went to the MS Store in the Florida Mall two months ago (almost to the day now) and bought a Lumia 925 and two Lumia 521's to switch from AT&T to TMobile. After two months of tests (texting, calling, pic texting, inet browsing), my family had had enough. Our signal was simply terrible at home; my in-laws had to go outside to their porch to get any type of signal; they couldn't send/receive texts in their house much less make/receive phone calls. We contacted TMobile (*very* helpful customer service) and they sent out a cell booster...long story, made short: didn't help. I went to the MS Store in the Millennia Mall yesterday, explained the situation to the customer service rep and he refunded me all three phones, almost two months after I got them. Very helpful and patient and didn't even mention how old the phones were or that I bought them at a different store. Over $700 worth of phones...whew...MS made me (and my wife) very happy customers - you guys rock!

    Quick plug for the rep: If you're in Orlando and need tech, go see Christian at the Millennia Mall MS Store, he'll take great care of you :)

    12-18-2013 06:35 AM
  2. Jf.Vigor's Avatar
    Great to hear stories like that 😊
    12-18-2013 06:36 AM

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