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    Show pictures, tell your stories.

    Edit; please tell your age and nationality.
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    Nice thread idea. I will post my pics when I get around to it. ;)
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    I'm Rich, and I hit 46 this past October. I'm an American by birth, and by heritage I'm a mutt. English, German, Hungarian, and probably half a dozen other things in there...
    My wife and I have our anniversary on New Year's Eve. Usually, we travel to the beach somewhere (SC, AL, FL have all been on the list), but this year she had back surgery on 12/2, so we didn't go anywhere. On of our traditions, though, is to eat dinner on our anniversary at a Hibachi steak house. It's not something we can afford to do often, so we do it big on that day. Since we weren't traveling, we hit up the one that is a mile from the house.
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    (I'm a 20 year old Belgian guy)

    I fed wild crocodiles in Gambia, gazed at the beautiful northern lights in Sweden, discovered multiple times that Danish hangovers are the worst and danced in a monkey costume in the Turkish heat.

    I've seen most European capitals and travelled to Africa once (Gambia). I lived in Denmark for half a year en I worked in France and Turkey for 2 months.
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