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    Hi all, On the 8th of February I ordered a dell OptiPlex desktop from the dell uk Business outlet. I have received my order acknowledgment and order confirmation, and the transaction was pending in my current account (i.e. Money not taken from account yet but withheld for dell). Yesterday I received an invoice from dell credit control. and finally today, the money is no longer being held in my account, it is available and all traces of the transaction have disappeared. I have contacted my bank and they have not blocked anything, so it must have been dell who have withdrawn the transaction. But the order has been dispatched so why would they not take the money? does anyone have any experience with this and can you tell me if this is normal?

    Also, the last entry in the package tracking was two days ago when it's location was "EMF" and the description was "left manu. facility". seems a little long for a package to be in transit without it being scanned anywhere?

    p.s. In Dell MyFinancials the total balance is 384.56 (the cost of the PC, incl. Delivery and VAT)
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